Democrat Jared Henderson Proposes $870 million teacher pay plan

Democrat candidate for Governor Jared Henderson announced last week his plan to significantly increase teacher pay in Arkansas if elected. His 10-year plan would cost $870 million over ten years for increased teacher pay. His plan would give an immediate 10% pay increase for teachers in the first year and a 3.6% annual increase for the next nine years. If implemented, total teacher salaries cost would rise from $1.58 billion up to $2.45 billion.

To pay for the plan, Henderson proposed passing an Internet Sales Tax and using that new revenue. He also points at cutting corrections corrections spending and foregoing planned income tax cuts for job creators in the upcoming 2019 legislative session.

If implemented, Arkansas would be home to the highest paid teachers after adjusting for cost of living.

Full Release: Jared Henderson Teacher Pay Plan

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  1. Ron Bartels
    Ron Bartels
    August 27, 2018 at 7:53 pm

    This CommieCrat is out to bankrupt Arkansas taxpayers just so he can collect contributions from the teacher’s union. The average taxpayer is not getting the kind of wage increases to keep up with this much additional spending. OUTRAGEOUS

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