Over 8,000 victims in Arkansas and other states have been scammed out of more than $2.4 million. Those targeted are the most vulnerable of society — the elderly, poor, immigrants, and veterans.

10 con-artists have been indicted in Arkansas since June 2016. While the amount totaled more than $2.4 million at last count, the scam continues.

As reported by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, One of the con-artists who was pleaded guilty in May 2017 does not have permanent residency in the United States but is eligible to seek asylum if the government tries to deport him. The man was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

The scam operates with sets of con-artists. One group acts as government officials who lead the victims to believe they owe a tax debt or they will face civil litigation. The other group collects the subsequent money from wire-transfers, usually in Walmart. Those indicted in Arkansas acted as the collectors.

While con-artists have been indicted, the scheme continues to grow.


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