Jon Woods, Former State Sen., to Report to Prison for 18 Year Sentence

Jon Woods, former Arkansas State Senator, must report to prison today by 1 pm. Since his indictment on March 1, 2017 and his jury conviction on May 3, 2018, Woods has been free on bail.

Woods requested to remain free while he appeals his conviction for his part in the kickback scheme involving state grants to a private college and a nonprofit. U.S. District Judge Timothy Brooks denied this motion.

Woods was sentenced on September 5, 2018 to 18 years and fours month in prison on 15 felony counts, ranging from mail and wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud.

In his request to remain free, Woods brought up the destruction of evidence by FBI agent Robert Cessario. The agent had wiped the memory from his FBI computer, destroying recorded calls between Woods and former State Rep. Micah Neal, who also pleaded guilty in the kickback scheme.

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