Public demonstration. Protest.

It’s Election Day in Arkansas.

After hundreds of campaign rallies, thousands of doors knocked, billions of dollars in donations, and a blitz of advertising and controversy, Election Day has finally arrived. Voters will decide who will hold and who will lose their grip on power in Little Rock.

Early voting has been in full swing, with higher numbers being reported than in years past. In Pulaski County, 65,000 early votes were cast, as compared to the 57,000 cast in the last midterm elections.

What’s at stake in Arkansas today?

The ballot issues:

  • Issue #2 – Voter I.D.
  • Issue #4 – Casino and Gaming Expansion
  • Issue #5 – Minimum Wage Increase

The Arkansas U.S. House general elections are between:

District #1 – Incumbent Rick Crawford (R) vs. Chintan Desai (D) and Elvis Presley (L)

District #2 – Incumbent French Hill (R) vs. Clarke Tucker (D) and Joe Swafford (L)

District #3 – Incumbent Steve Womack (R) vs. Joshua Mahoney (D) and Michael Kalagias (L)

District #4 – Incumbent Bruce Westerman (R) vs. Hayden Shamel (D) and Tom Canada (L)

Other elections to watch include the Governor’s race where Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) faces challengers Jared Henderson (D) and Mark West (L) and the Arkansas State Legislature elections.

Polls will stay open across Arkansas until 7:30pm tonight.


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