Convicted Judge Seeks Prison Release

UPDATE 12/18/18: Without explanation, former Judge Michael Maggio now has asked a federal court Monday to dismiss his own petition seeking to get out of prison while he tries to get his bribery conviction overturned.

Former Arkansas Judge Michael Maggio is seeking to be released from prison while he works to overturn his bribery conviction.

Maggio confessed to bribery in a plea agreement. He lowered a Faulker County jury’s judgement from $5.2 million to $1 million. In turn, Maggio received thousands of dollars in campaign donations.

The negligence lawsuit was filed after the death of Martha Bull, 76, at a nursing home owned by Michael Morton. Morton contributed thousands in donations to a number of political action committees on July 8, 2013 and Maggio reduced the judgement on July 10, 2013.

The donations were to be directed to Maggio’s seat on the Arkansas Court of Appeals.

Morton and Sen. Gilbert Baker were both implicated by Maggio in the plea agreement but have denied any corruption. Neither have been charged with a crime.

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