U.S. Congressman Bruce Westerman has called for Congress to put an end to the government shutdown. U.S. Rep. Westerman represents Arkansas’ fourth district.

Westerman released a statement on Monday discussing the upcoming Congressional session and urging Congress to end the shutdown. Westerman asked his fellow members of Congress to “take decisive action to protect thousands of hardworking Americans’ paychecks.”

Westerman outlined that he hopes for productive conversations regarding border security and immigration reform. “Having been to the border, I’ve seen what’s happening and know we must enact changes soon. President Trump has brought these issues to the forefront and now it’s our job to act on them.”

In further regards to the shutdown, U.S. Rep. Westerman stated that “In the House, we did our job. We sent 12 appropriation bills to the Senate and they failed to take up a single appropriation bill. So the Senate waits until the last minute and we have this crisis again. This is not the way to run government. We need to get back to regular order.”

Other goals that U.S. Rep. Westerman put forth is continued energy towards public stewardship of public lands, forest management reforms, healthcare solutions at a lower cost which cover preexisting conditions, infrastructure, and eliminating bureaucratic red tape.

Listen to an update from U.S. Rep. Bruce Westerman on the Government Shutdown below:


One thought on “Arkansas’ U.S. Congressman Bruce Westerman Calls for End to Shutdown

  • January 8, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    I am very disappointed with my congressman. I don’t want government employees to suffer, but I don’t want to President to back down.
    I voted for Mr. Westerman because I believed he would stand with our President.
    I might have to reconsider my choice next time.


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