On Wednesday Jan. 9, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission met to vote on the scores given to medical marijuana dispensary applicants. The score determines which applications will be granted permits to sell medical marijuana in Arkansas.

32 of 198 applicants will receive a license. Letters of intent to award the dispensary licenses will be sent by the state on Monday.

Now, begins a two week process to officially issue the licenses. Moving forward, applicants with high enough scores in multiple zones are authorized to pick which zone they wish to sell in. The state is split into 8 zones.

Before setting up shop, the approved applicants will pay surety bonds to the state. Arkansas will then approve the chosen locations of the stores.

Multiple dispensaries are expected to appear in Fayetteville, West Memphis, Pine Bluff, Hot Springs, Fort Smith, Bentonville, and Texarkana.

View the full list here.



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