Arkansas State Rep. Stephen Meeks is seeking to manage the microchipping of Arkansas employees. While microchipping of employees is currently not happening anywhere in Arkansas, State Rep. Meeks wants to set forth regulations proactively.

State Rep. Meeks filed House Bill 1177 concerning microchip implantation of employees to this end. The legislation would prohibit employers from forcing employees to have microchips implanted as a condition of employment. In addition, the employer would cover all costs associated with the microchip. If employees requested to have the microchip removed, the company must remove it within 30 days. Furthermore, all information collected and used by the microchipped must also be disclosed to the employee.

State Rep. Meeks is the chairman of the Technology Committee. In addition, Meeks works as a computer technologist. Meeks’ background in technology includes an Associate of Science degree in Telecommunications Engineering.

Meeks is a Republican from Greenbrier, and represents House District 67 which includes Greenbrier, Holland, Vilonia, Wooster, and western Conway. His brother, David Meeks, is the Republican Representative for House District 70.

Read the full bill here.

To read more on the current microchipping of employees in Wisconsin, click here.

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