Alleged Corruption and Loss of State Funding In Sunset, Arkansas

In an Arkansas town last measured at a population of 198 people, Sunset is receiving statewide attention for alleged corruption at worst or accounting mismanagment at best. The new mayor of Sunset, Lensey Hayes, has been left to clean up a mess.

All state funding was pulled from Sunset due to the discrepancies in city accounting. The new Town Recorder Erica Parker reportedly told WREG that basic accounting principles were not followed, including pre-numbered checks or receipts.

Sunset’s accounting and consequential reinstatement of state funding will be reviewed in April. The new Mayor and Town Recorder took office on January 1.

Mayor Hayes cites the previous mayor for much of the city’s problems. Allegedly, the previous mayor Eddie Craig and his family received payments from Sunset without proper documentation or receipts. As first reported by WREG, Craig paid himself and 10 family members $86,744 in the last year alone.

An audit has revealed that the former town recorder improperly managed the accounting of Sunset from reporting of salaries to basic financial reports. In addition, services were paid for without authorization and loans were improperly granted.

Eddie Craig III, the former mayor, cites this as being a personal attack from Hayes going back to their high school days.

Sunset is located in Crittenden County near Marion.

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