Arkansas Legislators Move to Add Additional Legislative Session

A resolution filed in the Arkansas Senate would change the state constitution to allow for an annual legislative session, rather than every other year.

The proposed constitutional amendment would provide for an annual regular legislative session for no more than 60 days. Currently, the legislature meets every other year for a regular legislative session.

In addition, the proposed amendment would also allow the legislature to call special sessions. Currently, only the governor can call a special session and they are limited to items that he lists on the agenda.

Notably, the proposed amendment would also get rid of the 30-day fiscal sessions held in even number years.

This constitutional amendment would grow government by having legislators in Little Rock for twice as long, thereby increasing per diem and mileage costs. It would provide twice the opportunities for new laws that could increase the size and scope of government here in Arkansas.

The resolution was filed by State Sen. Trent Garner, a Republican from El Dorado.

Read the full resolution here.

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