State Representative Brandt Smith (R) – Jonesboro interviewed on Conduit News with Paul Harrell and revealed disturbing allegations concerning the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts. Smith said many parents had strong concerns about the policies the ASMSA administration have enforced and in some instances not enforced. At least one of Smith’s constituents have a child that attend the school in Hot Springs.  As a result of the many allegations, one detailing a sexual assault where the administration failed to notify authorities, Smith says several legislators are investigating and want to bring ASMSA officials before the legislature’s Joint Performance Review committee to answer questions.

One instance reportedly alarming to parents and students deals with a school sanctioned “privilege walk” where students are forced to answer questions about their family and socioeconomic status. The students are instructed to take steps forward or backward depending on answers to questions like “Do you live in a two parent household”?  According to emails obtained by Conduit News the exercise is a “mandatory program” apparently designed to single out the differences between students so they understand who has privilege and who is a supposed victim.

ASMSA is a taxpayer funded institution for high school juniors and seniors and is under the University of Arkansas system.  Students who attend the school live on campus.  The concept of “privilege” in society is currently a highly controversial political issue. Many on the right have concluded the left’s idea of critiquing society through the lens of “victim” and “oppressor” is “Marxism” reinvented or “cultural marxism”.  Regardless, taxpayers should be concerned any time their money is spent to advocate a political perspective especially when parents have trusted the government with the responsibility of educating their children.  It would be best to stick to teaching Math, Science, and the Arts.  Leave the politics out of it.  Watch the interview below for full details. The relevant portion begins at the 1:24 mark.


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