Lawmakers say State Police Opinion on Guns Conflicts with Law

Jim Ennis from the Patriots of Act 746 joined Paul Harrell on Conduit News to discuss the recent Arkansas Legislative Council meeting about the Arkansas State Police’s opinion on carrying a weapon open or concealed without a government issued permit.  Lawmakers argued the ASP are not interpreting the law correctly and creating “manufactured confusion”.

In the interview Harrell asks:

…the Arkansas State Police leaves a reporter like me no choice but to speculate as to why they won’t admit publicly what the law says. The first reason is because of money but the second reason is because of something I heard a while back when 746 was first realized…and it had to do with people in different or lower socioeconomic neighborhoods and maybe a desire to not allow them to know what the law is because they don’t want people in poorer neighborhoods to know they have the right to carry.  So my question would be is it possible there’s also a racial motive for not wanting to admit what the law says?
Watch the interview below.
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