A Facemask And A Politician

We like to hear stories of how companies and individuals have stepped up to make medical related supplies during the pandemic.

When Governor Asa Hutchinson began his news conference on Friday, April 10, he took off his facemask and held it up saying:

Well I brought a new face mask today. This is given to me by T Y Garment Company here in Little Rock that produced these and brought some by the governor’s office. So, I’m developing my collection of face masks.

Because Governor Hutchinson is known for his carefully crafted language, we noticed that although we got the impression the mask was made in Arkansas, Hutchinson stopped short of actually saying that. But whether the mask was made in Arkansas is not important to the point we want to make.

First, did you know:

    1. T Y Garments is a communist China company located in Suzhou, China and in Little Rock. T Y Garments parent company is the Chinese company, Tianyuan.
    2. The Hutchinson administration gave Arkansas taxpayer money to T Y Garments as economic development incentives.
    3. Just a few days before the Governor showed off the mask, it was reported that T Y Garments donated 2,000 masks and protective gear to UAMS.[i] The masks were made in China and were FedEx shipped to Arkansas. The mask the Governor showed off could have been one of these or perhaps it was made in Little Rock.

Again, the source of the Governor’s mask and who gave it to him is not important. But it does illustrate that China has developed so many Arkansas connections we don’t tend to notice them.

Why is China’s influence in Arkansas worth noting? Earlier this year, in a meeting attended by Governor Hutchinson, U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned governors about the Chinese communist strategy to defeat American foreign policy using local governments and academics. Pompeo’s warnings ranged from how China has used their position with local politicians to push the politicians to not have contact with Taiwan, to the Chinese stealing technology secrets by paying American academics to share the information, to Chinese programs to influence our children. The communist China problem is serious. We recommend you listen to Secretary of State Pompeo’s speech.

See Secretary Pompeo’s speech here.

China’s plan to undermine America does not mean we need to stop trade with China. It means we need to become aware and guard against their strategy of gaining influence over our politicians, our economy, and our education. We need to hold our Arkansas officials accountable.

When you read or watch Arkansas news or listen to Arkansas officials pay a little more attention to Arkansas’ growing connections to China and their companies.

For example:

    • The May 8th arrest of a University of Arkansas engineering professor by the FBI for hiding his close ties to the Chinese government and Chinese business while seeking a grant from NASA.
    • Governor Hutchinson’s opposition to Senator Trent Garner’s proposal to close Arkansas’ office in China.
    • And, even something as seemingly minor as, the giving of facemasks to friendly local governments like Arkansas at a time when the Trump administration and other countries have accused China of holding off alerting the world of the pending pandemic while it stockpiled the PPEs including protective masks.

[i] https://talkbusiness.net/2020/03/ty-garments-donates-2000-masks-and-protective-gear-to-uams-from-its-chinese-parent-firm/

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