Most Important Election of Our Lives – 2020

The Democratic Party has dramatically changed in a very short period of time. It is no longer the party that elected Barack Obama as President or even the party that nominated Hillary Clinton four years ago.

Do Democrat voters even recognize the party now guided by the radical left?

If the Democrat Party is successful in 2020, traditional Democrats will never get their party back and America may change forever, not for better.

Democrat-Socialist Bernie Sanders became a rock star with his proposals for massive giveaways despite his plans for massive taxes and government control over businesses. Next came the Squad with outlandish plans and government restrictions that would quickly bankrupt America. Some saw Joe Biden as an alternative to the voice of the radical left, but then Biden (or his handlers) adopted much of the radical agenda. Democrats also embraced the Cancel Culture which is a 180 degree turn away from the days of supporting the ACLU. And now Democrat officeholders have condoned and protected radicals with Marxist ideologies.

The Marxists hijacked a protest movement for justice and reform and then began destroying swaths of big cities.

It is not just buildings the radicals are destroying. Livelihoods of hard-working people have been destroyed and lives have been destroyed as the leftists batter and sometimes kill. Meanwhile the radical left has expanded their terrorism to target and attack individuals at their homes in suburbs.

Several big city Democrat mayors have accepted and condoned the anarchy of Marxist led mobs while Democrat governors and Democrats around the country sit on their hands.

No, this is not just about a few rogue mayors who have helped enable months of destruction. It is about the Democrat Party’s response, or lack of response.

By and large, the Democrat Party has either condoned or ignored radicals and radical ideologies and the use of fascist tactics. To make matters worse, in several cities Democrat officeholders are agreeing with the call from anarchists to defund the police.

Everything about this country is now under attack, even our constitution with its guarantee of liberties. Democrats have stayed silent even when Marxists have called for the end of property rights.

Democrats will lose their party forever to radicals who hate this country if Democrat voters do not send a strong signal by rejecting the entire slate of 2020 Democrat candidates.

Republicans will lose their voice in government it they allow the radical left to have victories. Will Republicans who dislike President Donald Trump’s personality stay at home or cast a protest vote? Will Republicans who are disgusted by some RINOS withhold their vote and give the radical left bragging rights by another victory for the Democrat Party.

Independent voters also hold the key. Will they opt for temporary free stuff as the radical left burns down the foundations of the country and grabs permanent power.

This election is not just about Donald Trump and Joe Biden (or his replacement). This election is about the entire slate of Democrat candidates at the national, state, and local level, BECAUSE to stay in the party they will fall in line with their party’s willingness to embrace the violent radical left.

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CONDUIT is not affiliated with the Republican Party and is not a cheerleader for the Republican Party, as anyone who subscribes to Conduit News can tell you; however, because we value our freedoms, freedoms that radicals want to destroy…

We encourage you to get out and vote to defeat Democrat candidates because the party embraces the radical left and the radical left must be stopped before it is too late.

VOTING IS EASY. Election Day is November 3, 2020 but you can early vote at your convenience beginning October 19, 2020.



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