2 Townhalls, 1 Agenda

Last night’s town halls were a perfect example of the different treatment each candidate receives. President Donald Trump was getting screamed at and talked over and argued with by his moderator, Savannah Guthrie.  Former Vice President Joe Biden had a laid-back and relaxed conversation with George Stephanopoulos.

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden during a town-hall-style event on Thursday.(The New York Times)


Many news outlets are losing their minds over President Trump not denouncing the very popular Qanon “conspiracy theory.” He didn’t support it.  He plainly said, “I don’t know.”  He never said it’s true, and it’s a very strong possibility that he doesn’t know all the details.  He did say that the group doesn’t like pedophiles, and he said he agreed with that.  None of those facts should ruffle any feathers.


Former Vice President Joe Biden, when asked about COVID-19, said he might consider making vaccines mandatory.  He expressed his concern that it would be a difficult task.  But the American people should be extremely alarmed that he even admitted he was considering it. If he openly admitted it is a consideration, then figure that is exactly their plan. The Biden campaign has used this recipe over and over. Biden then went on to reveal his thoughts on allowing eight-year-old children to transition to another gender.  He also discussed how law enforcement officers should shoot armed suspects charging them, in the leg.


President Trump was of course asked about his taxes, healthcare, stimulus packages, masks, coronavirus testing, and the economy. There was a lighter moment when he was “hit-on” by a woman who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, telling him how “good he looks” when he smiles.


Biden was given multiple commercial breaks and softball questions about vaccines, “the science” of COVID-19, and what he would say if he loses the election. George did press him on the 1994 crime bill as well as court packing.


The major takeaways were Biden not saying he wouldn’t pack the court (just that he would wait to see what happens), and he admitted the crime bill of 1994 was a mistake. President Trump denounced white supremacy (again) for Savannah, but she still wasn’t happy and continued to disrespectfully shout over him while insisting President Trump denounce Qanon.


The real MVP of the night was the woman sitting behind President Trump to the viewers right. She was his biggest cheerleader and won the hearts of every Trump fan watching the debate.  Her silent, subtle support ignited a small twitter storm.


It’s a sad day in our society when the major takeaways of Presidential town halls are the ones listed above.   It shouldn’t be conspiracy theories and disrespectful moderators. It should be about policy, economy, freedom, and keeping America great!

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