Pence, Fly, Harris


In that order, Vice President Pence, won the debate. In second place, the fly. And in third and last place, Senator and Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris.

This debate was much more civilized than the last. Both candidates were much more respectful to each other and the moderator was as well. The moderator’s questions were not great but she handled the candidates much better than Chris Wallace and much more fairly.

The strategy for Vice President Pence was to shed light on Senator Kamala Harris as the most radical Senator in Congress, Dem plans to pack the Supreme Court, and expose any lies on the spot. Senator Kamala Harris’s strategy was to play the victim and gender dynamics; shame the coronavirus response; and blame the wildfires, hurricanes, and racial injustice on President Trump.

The hottest topic of the night was obviously the elephant in the room, COVID-19. Kamala insisted on repeating that the White House coronavirus response was the “greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country.” This is just dramatic nonsense and a political tactic to stick that phrase in the minds of impressionable Americans. It seems that COVID-19 will shape the outcome of the election in November if the Dems have their way. Harris insists that Biden’s plan to combat COVID-19 is so much better than President Trump’s. Vice President Pence was quick to point out that their plan is plagiarism and offers nothing that the White House hasn’t already done. And as Americans, we all know the Democrats would have botched the response. The Democrats and the media did not take COVID-19 seriously until the end of March, which was much too late. Kamala accused the White House of knowing the dangers and failing to warn the American people. That’s absolutely false. China and the World Health Organization would not let us send our people over to help investigate; they gave false infection and death rates, and they gave us false information on how the infection spread. Dr. Fauci has said that President Trump told the American people everything he knew. Joe Biden has also said President Trump made the right decision by closing off travel from China early. That would have been a detrimental mistake if Joe Biden has been President.

A vaccine to combat COVID-19 was another hot button topic. Vice President Pence was encouraging by reassuring the American people that we will have a safe and effective vaccine by the end of the year. Senator Kamala Harris was childlike when she was asked whether she would take it. She explained that of course she would unless President Trump told her to; and in that case, she would refuse. Vice President Pence went on to explain how dangerous it was for her to say that and how she was putting Americans’ lives at risk with such careless words.

The Rose Garden event to announce President Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee is being called a “super-spreader.” When Pence was asked about it, he pivoted a bit but also made a statement about how there is a great deal of speculation surrounding the event. It seems only Republicans were infected.

The Breonna Taylor case was brought up, and the candidates were asked if they thought justice was served. Pence offered his condolences and stated that he trusted our justice system and the findings of the grand jury. Kamala did not think justice was served. She really missed an opportunity, as a prosecutor, to go over the real details of this case and explain to the American people what happened, what went wrong, and how it could have been avoided. Instead, she chose the divisive and political route.

The “hottest” of topics, was the “climate crisis.“ Kamala explained that Joe believes in science. She claimed that they would create new jobs in renewable energy and deal with climate change. Pence pointed out that Kamala was one of the first to back AOC’s Green New Deal and how it was the framework of their climate plan. Also brought up the multiple times Biden and Harris have claimed they would ban fracking. Kamala quickly tried to shut that down, saying that Joe has stated he would not ban fracking now. The question that Americans should be asking themselves is, “Would Kamala Harris ban fracking if Joe Biden doesn’t make it all the way through his potential presidency?” Kamala also tried to accuse President Trump of not believing in climate change and destroying our environment. The Vice President was quick to correct Kamala by stating the facts are that our air and water are the cleanest they have ever been under the Trump administration.

Pence also reassured the American people that if reelected, President Trump would enforce forest management to help combat the wildfires because California isn’t doing it now.

Now to the topics that were dodged. Roe vs. Wade is always a hot topic, and both candidates dodged the question. Pence stated that he is pro-life and would not apologize for it.  Kamala stated she would always fight for women’s rights to do what they wish with their body. This transitioned into Vice President Pence demanding that she answer the question of packing the court because Joe Biden wouldn’t do so last week. She tiptoed around the question and would not answer whether or not they had planned on packing the court if they win. This is one of the most crucial questions Americans should have regarding this election. Packing the court is unconstitutional and would ruin our democracy as we know it. Kamala tried to claim that President Trump has been packing the courts; but President Obama left a large number of unfilled seats. President Trump only did his job by filling them. Both candidates also dodged the question whether they had a conversation with their respective presidential candidate if he did not survive the term. I agree with not answering this question; it’s redundant as that is the main purpose of a Vice President.

The best quote of the night goes to the Vice President. Kamala tried to claim that President Trump lost the trade war with China. Pence replied with a mic drop, “Lost the trade war with China? Joe Biden never fought it…You’re entitled to your opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.“

And last but certainly not least, there was the fly. For a minute or so a fly landed on Vice President Pence’s head and stuck out sharply against his white feathered hair. The media and social media have gone wild over this event with the fly. That goes to show you that this debate was nothing too exciting and will not be talked about after today….but I would propose that is mostly because the Vice President won it, hands down.

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