Senators clash at Barrett confirmation hearing

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett holds up a blank notepad during a confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Susan Walsh/Pool via AP

Amy Coney Barrett is a done deal. Democrats called on Americans to flood the phones of their Senate offices on Tuesday to express their disdain for Amy and the confirmation just days before the election but the phones never rang. Since the Democrats legitimately have nothing negative on Judge Barrett, they have resorted to their usual use of disinformation. The questions put forth Wednesday were an embarrassment to the judicial system. It seems that the Democrat strategy is to ask the most ridiculous questions in hopes that Americans aren’t smart enough to know that these questions are not factually based. The questions are purposely being posed to make you think they have reason to ask them and to make you think negatively of the process and of Judge Barrett.


Senator Cory Booker asked Judge Barrett if she would condemn white supremacy. Of course Judge Barrett condemns white supremacy; she has two black children, and they were present at the hearing. Senator Hirono (D) asked Judge Barrett if she had ever made unwanted passes or sexually assaulted anyone. Obviously, Judge Barrett is not a sexual predator. Senator Hirono said it was only fair that she asked Judge Barrett this question since she had also asked the question of the last two judicial candidates they had confirmed.  Of course, those other two nominees made by President Trump were men.


Senator Kamala Harris repeatedly called the process of Judge Barrett’s confirmation illegitimate. This is a sad and transparent attempt at swaying Americans against this exceptional pick.  Senator Harris also used her old and tired method of playing the victim and acting like Judge Barrett was “Mansplaining” her–by demanding her time back and reminding everyone, it’s her time to speak. Senator Harris made quite a fool of herself by pretending she had the most power of anyone in the land.


When they were not strutting their own false sense of worth, the Democrats were trying to convince the American people that, if appointed, Justice Barrett will have so much individual power that she alone could overturn Roe vs. Wade and Obamacare.


In addition to ending abortion and Americans’ healthcare, the Dems also want the American people to think that Judge Barrett is a racist and a radical Catholic. The Democrats may assume they have that much power within their own party.  But that is exactly why our founding fathers built the Constitution and the courts the way they did. It’s all about checks and balances so no one person or group has an overreaching amount of power. Judge Barrett, of course, has her own views but has built a career on making decisions based on the principle of law not her personal opinions.  Judge Barrett vows to continue her commitment to the principles under the Constitution until the end of her career.  During her own confirmation hearings, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg openly expressed her views on women’s rights and specifically abortion.  The Democrats applauded her and still do.  The Democrats continue to be faithful to their rule: “do as I say not as I do.“


All of the democrat Senators who questioned Judge Barrett yesterday brought out her true character, poise, brilliance, and her ability to be an exceptional US Supreme Court Justice. Judge Barrett answered every question from her memory and her heart. She had zero notes, nothing but a blank notepad in front of her. She was asked by one of the senators to show what she had in front of her because they all had notebooks upon notebooks prepared from which they continued to reference. The blank notepad that Judge Barrett held up to show the world will go down in history!

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