Pulaski County Election Issue’s

The Pulaski County Election Commission will meet at 5 p.m. today. Watch HERE LIVE

No candidate requested a ballot recount by the deadline this morning, however that does not mean there will not be some recourse taken in this race to ensure the election results are accurate.

Just before 4 a.m. on November 14th, the Pulaski County Election Commission added uncounted absentee and provisional ballots to vote totals, flipping the lead from Republican Jim Sorvillo to Democrat Ashley Hudson, in House District 32.

Tensions in this race were ignited by counting 327 absentee ballots with deficiencies that should have precluded them from being added to the total. The invalid ballots were identified; however, it is impossible to know how they voted.

Dem. Ashley Hudson (Daughter of Morgan “Chip” Welch who ran for election for the Position 4 judge of the Arkansas Supreme Court) is now leading Rep. Sorvillo by 25 votes, 8,403 to 8,378

With the margins on this race razor thin, election security is paramount and has the potential to sway this election result in either direction.

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