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Contact List of Asa’s Prime Targets on Mask Mandates

Governor Asa Hutchinson is proposing legislation to get mask mandates in schools. His plan is to make local school boards the scapegoats for mask mandates by giving them the authority to require masks in their schools.Obviously, Asa will target anyone he has leverage over, but don’t you think his first target will be the same legislators he was able to flip on the bill to give back fines? Of the 28 flippers, 23 of them voted to prohibit mask mandates and they will be Asa’s prime targets. Here is the list of the 23: Boyd, Bragg, Breaux, Brown, Coleman, Crawford, Eaves, Eubanks, Evans, L. Fite, Hawks, Holcomb, Jean, L. Johnson, Ladyman, Lynch, Maddox, McNair, S. Smith, Tosh, Vaught, Wardlaw, and Wooten

In the Senate where Asa needs two Senators to flip, only Senator Hester flipped on the bill to give back fines.

Because Asa will likely target these Representatives and the Senator, please give them your support for standing firm on prohibiting any government mask mandate! Don’t let Asa pressure them into become known as “CAREER FLIPPERS.

Asa will also try to flip other legislators, so all legislators who voted to prohibit mask mandates need your support for standing firm. Who voted to prohibit mask mandates? Here is how each Senator and each Representative voted.

You need to let your Senator and Representative know your opinion on Asa’s plan to make school boards the scapegoats. Time is short!

Don’t know who is your state Senator or state Representative? Use these links. SENATE / HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

These legislators voted to prohibit mask mandates and are Governor Hutchinson’s prime targets:

Rep. Justin Boyd                     479-262-2156                         [email protected]

Rep. Ken Bragg                      870-917-9205                         [email protected]

Rep. Harlan Breaux                479-981-3170                        [email protected]

Rep. Karilyn Brown               501-580-9000                        [email protected]

Rep. Bruce Coleman               479-806-6825                       [email protected]

Rep. Cindy Crawford             479-883-1667                         [email protected]

Rep. Lance Eaves                   501-827-1344                         [email protected]

Rep. Jon S. Eubanks               479-438-0533                       [email protected]

Rep. Brian S. Evans                (501) 941-4002                      [email protected]

Rep. Lanny Fite                      501-317-2400                          [email protected]

Rep. Spencer Hawks               (501) 764-6847                      [email protected]

Rep. Mike Holcomb               870-489-7177                          [email protected]

Rep. Lane Jean                       870-904-1856                          [email protected]

Rep. Lee Johnson                   (479) 883-6393                      [email protected]

Rep. Jack Ladyman                870-340-7499                        [email protected]

Rep. Roger Lynch                   501-412-8959                        [email protected]

Rep. John Maddox                  479-394-6060                       [email protected]

Rep. Ron McNair                   870-754-7962                         [email protected]


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