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He Said Republicans Don’t Criticize Republicans

Do you remember this gem from Senator Jim Hendren in 2015? “Republicans don’t criticize Republicans.

Senator Hendren ran as a Republican while voting liberal, but now at long last he dropped the charade of being a Republican and has declared himself an Independent. Which in his case is a liberal independent.

In 2015, Conduit criticized Hendren for his liberal legislation and votes.  Republican County Committee members who read what we wrote also became upset with Hendren’s departure from the Republican Platform. Of special concern at the time was that Hendren held the position of Republican Party leader of the Arkansas Senate.

To deflect criticism from Republican County Committee members and from Conduit, Hendren chastised Republicans who questioned his actions. He proclaimed, “Republicans don’t criticize Republicans.

Several legislators bought into this nonsense and became more entrenched in defending their wayward leader, even though Hendren was amassing a liberal record.

It is too bad Republicans leaders didn’t say, “No Jim. You are wrong. Republicans hold one another accountable to make the party stronger.

If they had held him accountable there is no telling how much more the legislature could have accomplished for our state and no telling how much government waste could have been avoided.

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Please note: Conduit is not a Republican organization but our values coincide with the principles of the Republican Party of Arkansas.



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