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Insider Attacks: Jim Hendren (Finally) Leaves Republican Party

This week State Senator Jim Hendren, Governor Asa Hutchinson’s nephew, announced what he has been foreshadowing for years – he is leaving the Republican party and becoming an independent.  Jim has been voting like a Democrat for years and finally got “fed up” with Republicans and our former President Donald J. Trump.  Not only is he becoming an independent, he is actively seeking independents to run against Republicans and will be helping “fund” and organize them.


After years of blind support from those in the Republican party, Hendren is now engaging in “Insider Attacks” as he calls it.  This is his military term for when you take money, support, and training from a group and then turn on them and make them your enemy.  Using suicide vests to blow up your opponent, who gave you the vest to start with, is one way to think about it.*


In a 2018 speech that Hendren gave to his Benton County Republican Committee, he graphically details his thoughts on a non-partisan group (whose founders happened to be Republicans) which chose to support the opponent of a specific liberal voting Republican candidate.  He was staunchly against any efforts whatsoever which did not blindly support any candidate who had an “R” next to his or her name—no matter what the candidate promised or how he or she vote.  You may watch the video proof below.



Since his uncle was elected governor, Jim Hendren has relentlessly tried to defend his support for liberal policies over the years such as his bill that permanently expanded Obamacare in Arkansas, while claiming “it [his bill] ends it”; increasing taxes by hundreds of millions of dollars (while claiming his bills decreased taxes); voting against our 2nd amendment rights; and using his military service as a shield for any criticism for his bad bills and votes.


Conduit has been leading the charge in exposing Hendren’s non-Republican platform ways.  This has led Hendren to suffer from Conduit Derangement Syndrome seeing so much of what he says and does as a politician through the lens of what Conduit would think or say about it.  He would routinely attack Conduit from his positions of power in committee meetings, in news media, and even from the Senate floor.  It looks like his Conduit Derangement Syndrome finally got the best of him, and he is now leaving the Grand Ole Party to be an independent where he will be as relevant and ineffective as a dead terrorist.


With Hendren’s career all but over, it remains to be seen if he attempts a last-ditch effort to continue his ultimate quest to become Governor and run as an independent.  He wouldn’t have to win a primary, but he would have to beat both the GOP nominee (in a state dominated by the GOP) and a Democrat opponent (as Dems must run a candidate to remain on the ballot as a political party.)


Hendren’s hypocrisy reeks.  His disdain for our former President and the over 75 million who voted for the GOP President only serves to highlight this ultimate political suicide move.  Here at Conduit, we welcome this news.  As Jim Hendren might say – IT ENDS IT.  This move ends Hendren’s political future–which is a win for the people of Arkansas.

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