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Joe Jett Withdraws Bad Tax Bills After Conduit Opposition

State Representative Joe Jett (R – Success) has officially withdrawn three tax bills after they drew opposition from Conduit on their weekly Legislative Reports. Jett has withdrawn HB1030 (Ensuring Increases in Gas Tax Revenue), HB1038 (Internet Sales Tax on Delivery Charges), and HB1045 (Defines Cigarette Paper to Include Vaping and Marijuana Products).Jett drew attention earlier this session for misleading a constituent about the bill being “dead” yet still remaining on the deferred list in his House Revenue and Tax committee. At that time Conduit encouraged Jett to withdraw the bill to truly “kill” it and he has officially done so.

Conduit thanks Rep. Jett for withdrawing these bad bills. Jett has also sponsored legislation this session to remove income taxes on individuals making less than $22,000 per year.

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