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Resolution to End all COVID-19 Restrictions

Interview with JP Patrick Deakins and JP Carrie Perrien Smith

Two bold elected officials in our area are putting out a resolution to do away with all COVID-19 related restrictions. Justice of the Peace District 5, Carrie Perrien-Smith, of Benton County has written a resolution and has partnered with Justice of the Peace District 5, Patrick Deakins, of Washington County to take these resolutions to their County Quorum Court to vote on and hopefully pass.

These resolutions would let Governor Asa Hutchinson know that Benton and Washington counties want their constituents to be free to make their own decisions about safe operations and void all COVID-19 related restrictions. Both resolutions acknowledge that all businesses are essential and that Arkansans count on being able to work and provide for their families. The resolution expresses appreciation for private business and their innovation in these hard times and seeks to regain their freedom to do business and earn a living through their natural rights secured by the Constitution. This resolution also requests that legislation be passed to prevent these types of restrictions in the future.

Benton County Quorum Court will vote on the resolution at their meeting this Thursday, February 25. Washington County Quorum Court will vote at their next meeting on March 18.

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