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Shhh! Don’t Say Employer Mandate

Listening to the Arkansas Senate Public Health Committee last Friday was the weirdest thing.

From listening you would think workers who have not submitted to the COVID-19 vaccines are losing their jobs at Walmart, Tyson, and at some hospitals because of federal mandates. You would think these corporations had nothing to do with the mandates and deadlines imposed. All the comments from state Senators were focused on federal mandates. Nothing was said about employer-initiated mandates that have already caused some workers to lose their jobs and more termination deadlines set by employers are fast approaching.

One bill presented in committee even included a statement about federal mandates and never said a word about these corporations initiating vaccine mandates without any federal requirement.

Listening to the hearing was reminiscent of the Harry Potter stories where people talked about “He Who Must Not Be Named” except in the Senate hearing the Senators didn’t dare to even use a euphemism to refer to the corporations.

It would be easier to get the people at Hogwarts to say “Voldemort” than for most state legislators to refer to vaccine mandates saying,  “Walmart,” “Tyson,” “Mercy Hospital,” “Washington Regional Medical Center” or “employer-initiated vaccine mandates.”

If your state Senators aren’t willing to say “employer-initiated vaccine mandates” the chances are very slim your legislators will be willing to offend these corporations by passing comprehensive legislation to protect workers.

Some unvaccinated workers lost their jobs on October 1, not because of the feds, but because of employer initiated vaccine mandates. More will lose their jobs in November because of employer initiated vaccine mandates.

On the federal level, President Biden has ordered mandatory vaccines for federal workers and federal contractors. He also directed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to adopt a vaccine mandate requirement for private businesses with 100 workers or more. OSHA has not gotten to the point of putting out a proposed rule. We have been told OSHA is expected to put out a proposed rule in November for public comment and then try to implement the rule in December.

We were also told Walmart (which loves to impose a vaccine mandate on some workers) is not happy with the possibility that a federal mandate applying to Walmart store workers might come into effect during the Christmas shopping season. We were tempted to say “good enough for Walmart, let people shop at mom and pop stores” but we don’t want anyone to lose their jobs over a vaccine mandate.

One thing is certain … once OSHA adopts a vaccine rule on private employers the rule will be subjected to many legal challenges. Expect legal challenges from around the country both from private employers and from some state governments.

The bottom line is the OSHA rule on private employer vaccine mandates has not been adopted yet and depending on legal challenges might not ever be enforced. In the meantime, Arkansas corporations are firing workers not because of a federal mandate but because that is how they want to treat their workforce.

Save ALL workers from vaccine mandates!

Be sure to reach out to these Senators in particular, we will need their vote. Tell them to fight for medical and health freedom and that you are watching their votes and they will be held accountable.

First Name Last Name Email Phone Number District Party affiliation Representative or Senator
Cecile Bledsoe [email protected] 479-636-2115 3 Republican Senator
Ronald Caldwell [email protected] 501-682-6107 23 Republican Senator
Jonathan Dismang [email protected] 501-766-8220 28 Republican Senator
Lance Eads [email protected] 479-435-5139 7 Republican Senator
Jane English [email protected] 501-257-7670 34 Republican Senator
Jimmy Hickey JR [email protected] 870-772-4444 11 Republican Senator
Ricky Hill [email protected] 501-286-2285 29 Republican Senator
Missy Irvin [email protected] 870-269-2703 18 Republican Senator
Matthew Pitsch [email protected] 479-883-2072 8 Republican Senator
Bill Sample [email protected] 501-627-5386 14 Republican Senator
James Sturch [email protected] 870-612-7589 19 Republican Senator

Contact your personal State Senator and State Representative as well as Speaker Representative Matt Shepherd and Senate Pro temp Senator Jimmy Hickey. Here is how.

First Name Last Name Email Phone Number District Party affiliation Representative or Senator
Fred Allen [email protected] 501-804-7844 30 Democrat Representative
Bob Ballinger [email protected] 870-505-4448 5 Republican Senator
Howard Beaty [email protected] 9 Republican Representative
Rick Beck [email protected] 501-912-1441 65 Republican Representative
Charles Beckham [email protected] 12 Republican Senator
Mary Bentley [email protected] 501-889-3556 73 Republican Representative
Mark Berry [email protected] 82 Republican Representative
Stan Berry [email protected] 4799707982 68 Republican Representative
Cecile Bledsoe [email protected] 479-636-2115 3 Republican Senator
Justin Boyd [email protected] 479-262-2156 77 Republican Representative
Ken Bragg [email protected] 870-917-9205 15 Republican Representative
Harlan Breaux [email protected] 479-981-3170 97 Republican Representative
Keith Brooks [email protected] 5017446080 31 Republican Representative
Karilyn Brown [email protected] 501-580-9000 41 Republican Representative
Joshua Bryant [email protected] 5015002206 96 Republican Representative
Ronald Caldwell [email protected] 501-682-6107 23 Republican Senator
John Carr [email protected] 94 Republican Representative
Frances Cavenaugh [email protected] 870-886-4000 60 Republican Representative
Linda Chesterfield [email protected] 501-888-1859 30 Democrat Senator
Craig Christiansen [email protected] 501-724-5326 47 Republican Representative
Alan Clark [email protected] 501-844-6800 13 Republican Senator
Joe Cloud [email protected] 479-858-8033 71 Republican Representative
Nicole Clowney [email protected] 479-445-5337 86 Democrat Representative
Bruce Coleman [email protected] 479-806-6825 81 Republican Representative
Andrew Collins [email protected] 501-650-2233 35 Democrat Representative
Cameron Cooper [email protected] 501-230-5635 44 Republican Representative
Bruce Cozart [email protected] 501-627-3232 24 Republican Representative
Cindy Crawford [email protected] 479-782-4693 76 Republican Representative
Carol Dalby [email protected] 870-772-1255 1 Republican Representative
Breanne Davis [email protected] 479-970-0081 16 Republican Senator
Marsh Davis [email protected] 870-847-7334 61 Republican Representative
Gary Deffenbaugh [email protected] 479-719-8197 79 Republican Representative
Jonathan Dismang [email protected] 501-766-8220 28 Republican Senator
Jim Dotson [email protected] 479-222-1234 93 Republican Representative
Lance Eads [email protected] 479-435-5139 7 Republican Senator
Les Eaves [email protected] 501-827-1344 46 Republican Representative
Joyce Elliott [email protected] 501-603-9546 31 Democrat Senator
Jane English [email protected] 501-257-7670 34 Republican Senator
Denise Ennett [email protected] 5016904211 36 Democrat Representative
Jon Eubanks [email protected] 479-438-0533 74 Republican Representative
Sonia Eubanks Barker [email protected] 8708147605 7 Republican Representative
Brian Evans [email protected] 501-941-4002 43 Republican Representative
Deborah Ferguson [email protected] 870-735-7098 51 Democrat Representative
Kenneth Ferguson [email protected] 870-413-8942 16 Democrat Representative
David Fielding [email protected] 870-234-6143 5 Democrat Representative
Charlene Fite [email protected] 479-414-1818 80 Republican Representative
Lanny Fite [email protected] 501-317-2400 23 Republican Representative
Scott Flippo [email protected] 870-421-3420 17 Republican Senator
Stephanie Flowers [email protected] 870-535-1032 25 Democrat Senator
Vivian Flowers [email protected] 870-329-8356 17 Democrat Representative
Jack Fortner [email protected] 870-656-7664 99 Republican Representative
Tony Furman [email protected] 501-909-1537 28 Republican Representative
Denise Garner [email protected] 479-283-5050 84 Democrat Representative
Trent Garner [email protected] 870-818-9219 27 Republican Senator
Jimmy Gazaway [email protected] 870-215-1243 57 Republican Representative
Ben Gilmore [email protected] 501-467-5952 26 Republican Senator
Megan Godfrey [email protected] 479-200-4460 89 Democrat Representative
Justin Gonzales [email protected] 870-245-6365 19 Republican Representative
Michelle Gray [email protected] 870-291-2515 62 Republican Representative
Delia Haak [email protected] 4792384671 91 Republican Representative
Kim Hammer [email protected] 501-840-3841 33 Republican Senator
Spencer Hawks [email protected] 501-764-6847 70 Republican Representative
Jim Hendren [email protected] 479-787-6222 2 Republican Senator
Bart Hester [email protected] 479-531-4176 1 Republican Senator
Jimmy Hickey JR [email protected] 870-772-4444 11 Republican Senator
Ricky Hill [email protected] 501-286-2285 29 Republican Senator
David Hillman [email protected] 870-830-3004 13 Republican Representative
Monty Hodges [email protected] 870-763-4443 55 Democrat Representative
Mike Holcomb [email protected] 870-489-7177 10 Republican Representative
Steve Hollowell [email protected] 870-270-3831 49 Republican Representative
Ashley Hudson [email protected] 5016584096 32 Democrat Representative
Keith Ingram [email protected] 870-735-8610 24 Democrat Senator
Missy Irvin [email protected] 870-269-2703 18 Republican Senator
Lane Jean [email protected] 870-90-1856 2 Republican Representative
Joe Jett [email protected] 870-276-5319 56 Republican Representative
Blake Johnson [email protected] 870-323-1766 20 Republican Senator
Lee Johnson [email protected] 479-883-6393 75 Republican Representative
Mark Johnson [email protected] 501-682-2920 15 Republican Senator
Jack Ladyman [email protected] 870-340-7499 59 Republican Representative
Greg Leding [email protected] 479-966-9201 4 Democrat Senator
Fredrick Love [email protected] 501-612-3939 29 Democrat Representative
Mark Lowery [email protected] 501-837-5221 39 Republican Representative
Robin Lundstrom [email protected] 479-957-1959 87 Republican Representative
Roger Lynch [email protected] 501-412-8959 14 Republican Representative
John Maddox [email protected] 479-394-6060 20 Republican Representative
Stephen Magie [email protected] 501-327-4444 72 Democrat Representative
Julie Mayberry [email protected] 501-888-3522 27 Republican Representative
Rick McClure [email protected] 5017864186 26 Republican Representative
Austin McCollum [email protected] 479-426-4141 95 Republican Representative
Tippi McCullough [email protected] 501-766-3177 33 Democrat Representative
Mark McElroy [email protected] 11 Republican Representative
Richard McGrew [email protected] 501-623-2481 22 Republican Representative
Gayla McKenzie [email protected] 479-787-6411 92 Republican Representative
Ron McNair [email protected] 870-754-7962 98 Republican Representative
Stephen Meeks [email protected] 501-314-9250 67 Republican Representative
Josh Miller [email protected] 501-365-3599 66 Republican Representative
Jon Milligan [email protected] 870-219-1261 53 Republican Representative
Reginald Murdock [email protected] 501-940-5157 48 Democrat Representative
Milton Nicks Jr [email protected] 870-739-1083 50 Democrat Representative
John Payton [email protected] 501-362-5815 64 Republican Representative
Clinto Penzo [email protected] 479-466-6681 88 Republican Representative
Mark Perry [email protected] 501-982-4561 42 Democrat Representative
Aaron Pilkington [email protected] 479-308-8384 69 Republican Representative
Matthew Pitsch [email protected] 479-883-2072 8 Republican Senator
Jason Rapert [email protected] 501-336-0918 35 Republican Senator
David Ray [email protected] 40 Republican Representative
Terry Rice [email protected] 479-637-3100 9 Republican Senator
Jay Richardson [email protected] 78 Democrat Representative
Marcus Richmond [email protected] 479-299-4416 21 Republican Representative
Johnny Rye [email protected] 870-919-3690 54 Republican Representative
Bill Sample [email protected] 501-627-5386 14 Republican Senator
Jamie Scott [email protected] 501-398-2961 37 Democrat Representative
Matthew Shepherd [email protected] 870-862-2087 6 Republican Representative
Keith Slape [email protected] 870-715-5623 83 Republican Representative
Brandt Smith [email protected] 870-351-7459 58 Republican Representative
Stu Smith [email protected] 870-612-3974 63 Republican Representative
Nelda Speaks [email protected] 870-421-2552 100 Republican Representative
Joy Springer [email protected] 501-374-3758 34 Democrat Representative
Gary Stubblefield [email protected] 479-635-4314 6 Republican Senator
James Sturch [email protected] 870-612-7589 19 Republican Senator
Dan Sullivan [email protected] 870-275-2929 21 Republican Senator
Larry Teague [email protected] 870-845-5303 10 Democrat Senator
David Tollett [email protected] 12 Republican Representative
Dwight Tosh [email protected] 870-926-0423 52 Republican Representative
Clarke Tucker [email protected] 501-246-4933 32 Democrat Senator
Kendon Underwood [email protected] 4796448461 90 Republican Representative
DeAnn Vaught [email protected] 870-832-2638 4 Republican Representative
David Wallace [email protected] 870-919-8046 22 Republican Senator
Jeff Wardlaw [email protected] 870-226-9501 8 Republican Representative
Les Warren [email protected] 501-623-4405 25 Republican Representative
Danny Watson [email protected] 870-703-5524 3 Republican Representative
David Whitaker [email protected] 479-236-8313 85 Democrat Representative
Carlton Wing [email protected] 501-416-4926 38 Republican Representative
Richard Womack [email protected] 870-403-6287 18 Republican Representative
Jim Wooten [email protected] 501-858-7403 45 Republican Representative
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