Tort Reform

Family Council has announced a speaking tour in 30 Arkansas cities to speak against Issue 1. Issue 1 seeks to cap lawsuit damages and attorney’s fees, and give the legislature authority on court rules.

Jerry Cox, president of Family Council, stated that the group will stick to a grass roots methods to oppose Issue 1. This method includes the speaking tour, billboard and radio ads, and supplemental materials to be distributed through churches.

Family Council has nearly $125,000 to speak against issue 1 — which pales in comparison to the millions raised by supporters of the ballot measure. Supporters include groups like the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce.

Earlier this month, the ballot measure was declared to be illegal as it rolls many issues into one initiative. The Arkansas Supreme Court will decide whether the measure will be included on the ballot. Until the court does so, those in support and opposition will continue to work as if the measure will appear on the November 6 ballot.


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