Constitutional Carry Upheld in Arkansas

The Arkansas Court of Appeals issued a ruling Thursday recognizing and upholding the validity of open carry or concealed carry of a firearm without a license/permit in Arkansas. This ruling sets a strong court precedent for constitutional carry in Arkansas.

Members of the Arkansas group Patriots of Act 746 celebrated the news across social media. Their group educates people across Arkansas of their 2nd amendment rights.

The following statement was posted on the Patriots of Act 746 Facebook Page:

The Patriots of Act 746 has maintained for more than 5 years that Arkansas is a Constitutional Carry state. Since the passage of Act 746 in 2013, no permit is required to carry a weapon openly or concealed. Various groups and politicians have failed to fully acknowledge this fact, and have argued the law was unclear or confusing. Today, the Arkansas Court of Appeals removed any doubt surrounding the meaning of the law in Arkansas. For the first time, the court has ruled and established precedent that to be guilty of carrying a weapon, the state must prove an individual has unlawful intent to employ a weapon against a person. The court clearly ruled that having a weapon concealed without a permit is not only legal, but as Patriots has stated, not a reason for a law enforcement stop. This case, Taff v State of Arkansas provides conclusive precedent Arkansans can exercise their right to keep and bear arms as stated in Article 2, Section 5 of the Arkansas Constitution without the necessity of a chcl permit. Finally, the state has acknowledged the law, Arkansas is a Constitutional Carry state.

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