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Welcome to Wokemart

Welcome to Wokemart where profits from your Walmart shopping trip are used to push radical left social views on Arkansas.

Walmart is no longer the Walmart of Sam Walton. It is the Walmart of a new generation of increasingly social leftist Walton heirs and Walmart executives.

Sam Walton said: “The secret of successful retailing is to give your customers what they want.” But the attitude now seems to be, “We are the only game in town, lets force our leftist social views on Arkansas.

For many decades Walmart has gotten pretty much whatever it wants out of Arkansas politicians, whether it was tax advantages, labor and workers compensation laws, economic development grants, etc. – anything to help Walmart get a competitive edge.

Bored with only dominating retail sales the Walton heirs have turned their attention to shoving left wing social policy on Arkansans, trying to turn Arkansas into a version of California or perhaps a version of the city of Portland, Oregon.


Walmart has become a player among far-left progressives.

  • Last year, according to the Democrat-Gazette, Walmart related campaign contributions went mostly to candidates of the Democrat Party. This is not the Democrat Party of Sam’s days. It is a party controlled by the far left. [i]
  • Earlier this year Walmart pushed left leaning and radical left positions in the Arkansas legislature.
  • Now Walmart is forcing employees at its headquarters and some other employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine by October 4 or be fired; but many wonder if that is just the beginning of a forced vaccination policy for employees and suppliers.[ii]


Forcing doctors and nurses to violate their religious or moral beliefs.  Walmart was represented in legislative hearings as being opposed Act 462 which protects doctors, nurses, and other medical providers who want to opt out of procedures that violate their religious or moral beliefs. So, Walmart thinks it is just fine to force doctors and nurses to do procedures that violate their religious or moral beliefs.

Hate crimes law. Walmart pushed hard for Arkansas to pass a hate crimes bill. Not because it deters hate crimes, which it doesn’t, but because it was a box to check off on the liberal agenda. Hate crimes laws have been criticized as not working and leading to prosecutorial abuse.

Most extreme positions on transgender issues. Doug McMillion, President and CEO at Walmart, criticized legislation he described as working against Arkansas being a welcoming place saying, “Unfortunately, a number of bills are being considered by the legislature targeting the LGBTQ+ community are troubling and work against that goal.” [iii]

Although he didn’t single out the laws he was referencing, there were four bills specifically addressing transgender issues. The bills provided protections against the most radical views and were not merely a matter of whether Arkansas is welcoming to people who are transgender.

  • Gender reassignment on minors. Act 626, the Arkansas Save Adolescents From Experimentation (Safe) Act, prohibits gender reassignment procedures and surgeries on minors and leaves such permanent decisions for adulthood.
  • Genetic males competing in women’ sports. Women’s sports give women an equal opportunity to compete in athletics by having a separate competition where they will not have to compete against males in male dominated sports. Even Caitlyn Jenner, a trans woman, trans rights activist, and an Olympic gold medal winner as Bruce Jenner, rejects genetic males in women’s sports as being unfair.[iv] The Arkansas legislature passed two acts to protect women’ sports, Act 461, the Fairness In Women’s Sports Act, and Act 953 Gender Integrity Reinforcement Legislation For Sports (Girls) Act.
  • Gender identity education in public schools. Act 552 allows parents the opportunity to inspect school materials related to sex education, sexual orientation, and gender identity and if they wish to exempt their children from the program.

Walmart related campaign donations and Walmart’s positions on legislation shows one thing – Walmart wants to impose its far-left social views on Arkansas and the nation.

Few Arkansans have any idea which candidates take money from this far-left giant. This includes campaign funds from Walton heirs, Walmart executives, and political action committees (PAC’s) supported by Walmart.

Would you like Conduit In Action to do some follow the money reports during the 2022 campaign season to track WOKEMART related contributions in state races before you vote?


[i] Data shows some Walton giving leans to left, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/18/2020

[ii] Walmart announced, “we have made the decision to require all market, regional and divisional associates who work in multiple facilities and all campus office associates to be vaccinated by Oct. 4, unless they have an approved exception. This includes all new hires.



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