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Can’t Ignore Schools Anymore

School elections and how schools are administered have largely been ignored by the people of Arkansas. Most everyone assumed things were okay in their schools.

Occasionally a few people would take notice of the school if there was a squabble between a family and a school official, and there might even be a community buzz about the need to replace coaches when the school team is consistently bad. Other than that, schools have been out-of-sight out-of-mind.

We can no longer sit back and be complacent about what goes on in our schools. If we do, we will lose a generation.

The headlines around the country show that parents are upset about the radical indoctrination of our children, mask mandates, etc. Some schools try to hide information from the public, whether it is concerning the adoption of Critical Race Theory (which is racist in itself) or information concerning a sexual assault. In some schools, parents are fighting back against a school that uses pornographic material or promotes the choosing of gender identity to children.

More parents and interested citizens are showing up at school board meetings to fight the radical agenda of school officials.  But it is not just the fight of parents. They need your help. They especially need your help because the Biden administration doesn’t want parents involved and compared parent protests with domestic terrorism.

There is an attitude in the education community that if you do not currently have children in the school you are a meddling outsider and just need to shut up and stay home. Their attitude doesn’t cut it anymore.  Not only do we all pay the bills, we will all suffer when children in our community have been indoctrinated by “educators” who hate our representative democracy, hate our history, hate people who are of the wrong color, and hate your faith in God.

The Republican Party is being called the “Party of Parents.” Republicans need to take that label to heart and act.

Here are some ideas you might want raise with your state Senator and state Representative to.

  1. Expand school choice! Children should not have to be stuck in a bad school just because the parents can’t afford to send them to another school.
  2. Make the dollars follow the child. When a school is so bad that they run off students, shift those dollars to a fund to help support school choice.
  3. Ban racist instruction and indoctrination, such as Critical Race Theory.
  4. Require greater transparency concerning school policies, instruction, and decisions.
  5. Enforce the Freedom of Information Act with increased penalties.

Whether you are a parent of a child in public school or just a taxpayer, please get involved in your school before we lose a whole generation to radical leftists.

Support good teachers but fight against bad policies. Be informed and look for groups on social media who are monitoring your school. Make sure your school board members and your state legislators know your concerns and prove to them you are going to hold them accountable. And elect people who will restore schools as a place of learning, not a place of indoctrination.

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