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REP. JUSTIN BOYD – Ignoring the Republican Platform

Pt 11 of the series

REP. JUSTIN BOYD – Ignoring the Republican Platform

Pt 11 of the series

Since Conduit focuses on conservative issues and legislators’ voting records, and the Arkansas House and Senate are over 78% Republican, this series of articles highlights Republican incumbents who frequently vote contrary to conservative values and in many of those instances contrary to the Republican Party of Arkansas Platform.

Rep. Justin Boyd (R- Fort Smith)

We are highlighting the record of Representative Justin Boyd (R- Fort Smith). Before we begin, we need to explain voting records.

You need to know sometimes a legislator will try to kill a bill without going on record as voting “No.” To do this, some walk off the floor to miss the vote or sit quietly without voting. Another tactic used to help kill a bill without voting “No” is to vote “Present.” Not voting or voting “Present” are not neutral actions. Regardless of whether a legislator votes “No”, doesn’t vote, or votes “Present” each action has the same effect of trying to deny the legislation enough votes to pass.


Here are some important votes on which Rep. Boyd’s actions conflict with conservative values and to various degrees with the platform and principles of the Republican Party of Arkansas.

Note: In all the instances below in which Rep. Boyd failed to vote on a bill, he had signed in as being present that day but didn’t vote on the bill. Not voting has the same effect as a no vote in that it works to deny the legislation enough votes to pass.


Value of Human Life

  1. Voted to put a price tag on human life in lawsuits – SJR8 of 2017


  1. Voted against returning COVID19 regulation fees to businesses – SB301 of 2021 – against override of Governor’s veto.
  2. Failed to vote on bill for legislative oversight in emergency declarations – SB379 of 2021


  1. Voted for Gas Tax Increase – SB336 of 2019
  2. Voted for Internet Tax Sales Tax paid by Arkansas Consumers – SB576 of 2019
  3. Also voted internet sales tax in 2017 – SB140 of 2017
  4. Voted for $300 million tax increase proposal – HJR1018 of 2019
  5. Voted for gas tax increase bond proposal – HB1726 of 2017 (changed from NV to Yes)
  6. Voted for a bill which, although it exempted military retirement pay from the income tax, the bill raised several taxes. It increased the sales tax on candy and soft drinks, imposed sales tax on digital downloads, such as digital books, music, and movies, and imposed the income tax on unemployment compensation. – HB1162 of 2017
  7. Voted to increase tire fee/tax – HB1267 of 2017
  8. Failed to vote on bill for sales tax cut on used cars – HB1342 of 2019
  9. Voted to increase cell phone fees/taxes – HB1564 of 2019
  10. Voted for new fees on ride sharing at airports (UBER, LYFT) – SB686 of 2021


  1. Failed to vote on bill to allow homeschoolers to participate in sports programs – HB1474 of 2017


  1. Voted for bill (jeopardizing election integrity) to allow new electronic voter registration – HB1517 of 2021

Access to Government Information

  1. Voted for FOIA exemption for government attorneys – SB373 of 2017

Regulation/ Deregulation

  1. Failed to vote on bill for least restrictive reciprocity licensing – HB1835 of 2017
  2. Voted against deregulation – amended supervision requirements for nurse anesthetists – HB1198 of 2021
  3. Voted against deregulation – full practice authority for nurse midwives – HB1215 of 2021
  4. Voted against expanded access to healthcare – APRN as primary care provider in Medicaid – HB1254 of 2021
  5. Voted against expanding scope of practice for optometrists to help patients – HB1251 of 2019

Special Interests

  1. Voted for a new special interest healthcare council to lobby and help control legislators – HB1568 of 2019

Other Legislation

  1. Voted against improving minimum wage law for small business & nonprofits – HB1752 of 2019



Below are statements from the platform of the Republican Party of Arkansas. You be the judge to what extent Representative Boyd’s voting record conflicts with these statements.

Item 1: The 2nd Principle of the RPAP – “The sanctity of life”, the 9th Principle of the RPAP – “The equal and just enforcement of the law”, and the 10th Principle of the RPAP – “Separate and equal branches of government”
Items 2 and 3: The 4th principle of the RPAP – “Individual freedom and liberty secured by a limited government”.
Items 4-13: 6th Principle of the RPAP “Lower taxes to produce economic growth” and the Preamble of the RPAP – “We recognize the importance of lower taxes to spur economic growth and to ensure that individuals reap more of the benefits of their hard work.
Items 14: The Education Section of the RPAP – “Arkansas’s children deserve a world class education, developed by parents, educators, and leaders accountable to our citizens, regardless of their zip code. This requires openness to every type of education system available: homeschooling, distance learning, public school, private school, charter school, and vocational or technical school.” “Every tool should be given equal consideration and be utilized in a manner that puts the student’s needs above all ‘to secure to the people the advantages and opportunities of education.’”  “Every education decision we make is with the students and parents first in our minds!” “Every opportunity for every family to enroll each child in the school of its choice should be secured by government and offered to Arkansas families. Parents must have the ability to make informed choices regarding the education of their children and should not be restricted by lines on a map or the cost of tuition.” “to become greater players on the global stage, our children must be given the tools to succeed in their chosen fields through education.”
Item 15: The platform says: “Honest elections are the foundation of our republican form of limited government, and we strongly applaud every effort Arkansas Republicans have previously taken to ensure our ballot is protected and that access is guaranteed for all authorized voters, including the elderly, the military, and young voters.
Item 16: The Preamble of the RPAP – “Regnat Populus, the People Rule” and with the Government Reform Section of the RPAP – “We firmly support transparency and openness at every level of government. Those elected, appointed, and employed in government work for the taxpayers of this state and must provide public information when requested . . .
Items: 17-21: The 4th Principle of the RPAP – “Individual freedom and liberty secured by a limited government”, the Preamble of the RPAP – “We are created equally with individual freedoms and liberties that, through our own exercise of individual responsibility and initiative, can result in great outcomes independent of government.”, and the Economic Prosperity and Job Growth Section of the RPAP – “In order to continue moving forward in our economic recovery, businesses in Arkansas need to operate freely from overly burdensome regulation and over-taxation.
Item 22: The Preamble of the RPAP – “Regnat Populus, the People Rule”
Item 23: The Business section of the RPAP “Arkansas’s small businesses are the drivers of our economy. All levels of government must do all they can to understand and meet the needs of small businesses during our recovery.


Conduit for Commerce scores the votes of legislators based on Conduit’s Economic Freedom Filter.  The Economic Freedom Filter analyzes bills that do the following:

  • Increase or decrease the size and scope of government
  • Increase or decrease dependency on government
  • Spend money we do not have
  • Increase or decrease transparency in government


Justin Boyd Voting Record – Conduit for Commerce Scorecard History

(In 2021–91% was the Score for the most conservative House Member with a ranking of 1/100.)

Session Score Rank
2021 78% 39/100
2019 41.2% 70/100
2017 49% 52/100



The Republican primary is May 24, 2022 and candidate filing ends March 1.


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