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Andrew Thompson – Not Conservative (Senate District 31)

Andrew Thompson is running for the Arkansas Senate in District 31. His campaign material says he is “Conservative for Arkansas” but he is being supported by the left-wing organization Common Ground Arkansas and Democrats.

Democrats aren’t going to win many races in Arkansas so they with their WOKE corporate allies who want bigger government are working to elect wishy-washy candidates in the Republican Primary. Common Ground Arkansas has a mission of running candidates in the Republican primary against Republicans with a PROVEN conservative record.

Misty Orpin — Executive Director, Common Ground AR

Andrew Thompson is one of the candidates Common Ground is working to elect.  His candidacy fits their profile. He was recruited to run against a candidate with a PROVEN conservative record. He is running against Rep. Clint Penzo who has a solid conservative voting record consistent with the principles and platform of the Republican Party of Arkansas. (See REP. CLINT PENZO – Platform Hero Series)

Common Ground board members are openly supporting Thompson. Thompson has received donations from key board members: Jim Hendren (who after years of being a RINO left the Republican Party) and Archie Schaffer III (lobbyist and longtime Democrat).

Having recruited candidates such as Thompson, Common Ground is working to get DEMOCRATS to vote in the Republican primary.

Thompson may be a nice person but that doesn’t make him any less the left’s choice to stop a proven conservative. Thompson is a pastor but that does not mean he is conservative. Denominations and churches within denominations vary greatly on their positions on social issues. Thompson is an activist but being arrested while protesting against the death penalty for a CONVICTED CHILD KILLER is not exactly a great sign of being a conservative.

Democrats WILL turn out to vote in the Republican Primary for Andrew Thompson. The question is: Will Republicans turn out in force to counteract Democrats in Senate District 31?


For more information on the left’s Common Ground Arkansas see: Common Ground AR – The left’s effort to elect RINOS.


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