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Arkansas PoliticsWatch

It is Time to Rally the Troops and Get Out the Vote, Richardson Says

Republican Primary Candidate Scott Richardson discusses his runoff race for Arkansas House of Representatives District 13.

The biggest questions that exist are without an extensive background of participation either in the Republican Party or in the activity in the community, it’s very difficult to determine where somebody really sits. But once you start following the endorsements, and the people that start getting behind a particular candidate, you can clearly see where they are positioned or where they are likely to be positioned once they are elected.

And the opportunity there for me, as I’m being supported and backed by strong conservatives across the board, people that are for smaller government, less governmental influence on their lives, whereas my opponent is not. I’m a fighter. When I feel like things are right, I’m going to fight for what’s right and I’ll continue to push forward. And what it’s going to take is turn-out… that’s the reality of races like this.

People have to get out and vote. If we can’t get the turnout, can’t rally the troops, so to speak, it’s going to be a difficult run.” — Richardson

Early voting begins June 14 and ends June 20. Runoff Election Day is Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

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