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“I have a pretty solid reputation as someone who is not beholden to big business” – Rep. Gayla McKenzie

At Conduit, we often say, “Just because someone doesn’t like it, doesn’t make it a lie.” We’ve also pointed out that someone can be a very nice person, but voting for someone because he or she is likable is great if you’re voting for “Miss Congeniality” but it is a terrible way to elect people to political office. We get it — that can be a bit harsh for some people, but we choose facts over feelings.

And here are the facts:

Walmart and Tyson are key donors to McKenzie’s opponent, Tyler Dees. We have spoken before about how Walmart, Tyson, and their surrogate the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce have been pushing a WOKE agenda at the Arkansas Capitol. Very recently, Conduit pointed out the latest in their woke agenda — drag shows for kids. Read that article here: Sponsors of Drag Show for Children

We point out Tyler Dees’ donors and endorsement from the WOKE mob because: “Campaign donations are ALWAYS made to candidates who the donor thinks will further their agenda or who will stop another candidate who does not support their agenda. No one makes a donation to someone who they think will work against their agenda.

Because of that, we wanted to share Rep. McKenzie’s most recent response to a question on Facebook regarding financial contributions to her campaign:

“I answered your same question on another post. But I will also post it here so that other people can see my reply.

Regarding your question, I am detailing contribution history from those two groups that you mention and will even include any groups that are also relevant to the discussion that you didn’t request. I believe in being transparent.

I received the following contributions in 2018:

Jim Walton 500

Walmart pac 500

Poultry Federation 500

state chamber: 1500

In 2018, the above groups were much different than now. Many conservative republicans accepted contributions from those groups.

Since 2018, I have received no contributions from any of those groups.

Also, I’ve never received any contributions from Stewart or Tom Walton.

I’ve never received any contributions from Tyson.

I have taken some hard stands against many of the above groups you question. I was resolute in trying to provide legislation to protect employees from termination for failure to receive the covid 19 vaccine. I also fought against a number of bills that were favored by the groups/contributors in question. It is no surprise to anyone who has followed my brief legislative career that they did not attempt to contribute to me the last couple of years.

At our very first forum that was sponsored by the Benton County Republican Women and held in Siloam Springs, each candidate was asked about whether we were backed/supported/endorsed by big business, the state chamber of commerce or common ground. I believe (but am not positive) I have recalled the question fairly accurately. We were certainly put on notice, if someone didn’t already know, that these groups were red flags for conservatives. It was after that forum that Tyler accepted max contributions from the state chamber, several Walton family members, a contribution from Tyson and also an endorsement from the state chamber. He also accepted a contribution from a board member of common ground.

I have a pretty solid reputation as someone who is not beholden to big business. I also have a proven conservative record and am known to be someone who will speak up and take the hard stands.” — Rep. Gayla H. McKenzie

Representative Gayla H. McKenzie is in a runoff with Tyler Dees. For information on McKenzie see: Why Rep. Gayla H. McKenzie is Legislator of the Year 2021 and REP. GAYLA MCKENZIE – Platform Hero Series

The runoff election for Senate District 35 between Tyler Dees and Representative Gayla H. McKenzie is Tuesday June 21st. Early voting has started.

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