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Library Drag Event and the Left’s Battle for Your Children

Part 1 of a series on leftist indoctrination in taxpayer funded institutions.

Library Drag Event and the Left’s Battle for Your Children

Part 1 of a series on leftist indoctrination in taxpayer funded institutions

By Conduit News Editorial Board

Our children are being bombarded by the radical left even in our taxpayer funded institutions. Libraries are just one of the taxpayer funded institutions and the sexualization of children by the transexual movement is just one of the areas where the left is working tirelessly.

Library Event With Drag Show

The Fayetteville Public Library (funded by taxpayers) announced it was holding a “Back to School Bash.” The details of the event shocked many in the community. The event had been organized by The Equality Crew, an organization whose stated mission is to “create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth to gather and have fun being their true selves.This is important – their target is sexuality and YOUTH.

The event was to include free haircuts and a “teens-only dance party”[i] featuring a live drag show. The dance was for any teen who had completed the 6th through 12th grade and therefore the event would include teens who are quite young. From the notice it appeared parents would not be allowed to monitor their teens. It would just be the organizers with the middle school and high school students. In other words, their promotion targeted unsupervised teens as young as 13 years of age.

While the drag show caught the attention of the public, it was just the beginning. Gender transition was a prime focus. According to the Fayetteville library’s Instagram page (@fayettevillepubliclibrary_teen), the event would also have provided gender transition resources, including information on:

  • How to legally change your name,
  • Clothing from The Transition Closet,
  • Connections with public school teachers, and
  • Gender support plans.

Are you okay with children as young as 13 years of age being invited into such an event, plus the children being unsupervised by parents or guardians?

The outcry against the event was so great the Fayetteville Public Library announced Monday, August 1, that the “Back to School Bash” has been cancelled.

For those of us who are appalled at the use of a public facility for such a purpose, we breathe a huge (but temporary) sigh of relief.

The Equality Crew’s goal of transforming youth continues. Announcing the cancellation on their Facebook page, The Equality Crew stated that it plans “to refocus our efforts on regular monthly programming.” To some it sounds like a continued search for innocent children to prey upon.

We agree wholeheartedly with the reason cited for cancelling the event—the “safety and wellbeing of the kiddos.

While the drag show and transitioning event was shocking to many, it was not the library’s first program directed at teens and gender identity and probably won’t be the last.

On June 1, 2022 the library held “Teen Pride Bingo (Grades 5–12)” which encouraged the children to “Pick up a Pride Month bingo card to earn prizes!” In May the library hosted a craft session to prepare for the Pride parade but it was publicized as being for adults.[ii]

While Pride events are presented as affirming whatever sexuality a person chooses (other than heterosexuality) a primary emphasis of the library’s canceled “Back to School Bash” was on promoting transsexuality to youth. In the ultimate form the transexual movement promotes procedures to change the bodies of adolescents. Instead of the body completing its development and the person choosing sexuality (heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual), the trans movement can mean permanent changes to the body of a child or adult. With the trans movement wanting to stop the development of a person’s body, the movement doesn’t even sound affirming to the other people in the LGBTQ+ community. Perhaps the trans movement focus on children is one reason not all the LGBTQ+ community are supportive of the trans movement.

Perhaps you have seen the continued medical concerns about transitioning procedures, for example the FDA warned of a connection between puberty blockers and a risk of brain tumors.[iii] And then there are increased psychological concerns and suicides from regrets over irreversible procedures.[iv]

We also worry about young children being taken advantage of by predators.

No one wants to be the censors of libraries, but at a minimum there should be barriers between children and access to sexually explicit materials and events.

What can concerned parents do? From Pennsylvania to Texas to California, drag queen story hours have swept across the nation. Legislation banning minors from attending these shows is currently in the works in Florida, Arizona, and Texas. While a plain reading of the law suggests that exposing young children to drag shows and other sexualized events constitutes abuse, legal challenges have thus far proven futile.

Clearly just focusing on drag shows is not enough because there are many ways to present the same materials.

The radical left’s use of taxpayer supported libraries as a base of operation to indoctrinate and mold children must be stopped and it can only be stopped by the vigilance and demands of parents and taxpayers.

The Fayetteville Library is not alone in the push to get libraries to sponsor drag shows. The American Library Association has supported libraries that want to sponsor them.[v]

Taxpayer funded libraries are not the only place the left is using your taxpayer supported institutions to indoctrinate children against the will of parents.

As you will see in our next article in this series public schools are pushing the sexualization of children and the schools are being supported in this effort by grants from big corporate interests.

Before we close, we want to point back to something you may have missed – the connection between the Fayetteville Library’s and the Fayetteville schools in pushing this agenda. Look again at the list of activities listed in the transitioning portion of the event. The list included putting children considered as potential trans recruits in contact with teachers from the school. Next was gender support plans which is something the Fayetteville School District is doing. And these are just the beginning to the connections between the efforts of the Fayetteville library and the Fayetteville School District.



[ii] Pride Parade Prep, Saturday, May 21: 2:00pm – 4:00pm,


[iv] Individuals struggling with gender dysphoria attempt suicide at rates ranging from 32% to 50%, significantly higher than the general population. Unfortunately, encouraging youths to transition seems to exacerbate the problem. Lowering legal barriers for minors to access puberty blockers may increase suicide rates. A study recently published at WebMD about patients who had made a gender transition described “how they felt the medical establishment had failed them” and how the crowds that once celebrated their transitions now rejected them as bigots.


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