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School Choice? But my school is stellar.

A recent Conduit article highlighted the votes of legislators who voted against school choice in 2021. One of the comments we received basically said, “But my school is stellar. Don’t destroy good districts.

This brings to mind several points about schools and school choice.

FIRST, if a school is actually stellar, then school choice will NOT cause the school to lose students; and if it is actually stellar, it is likely to gain students under school choice. For most parents, the government school in their school district is their first choice; and they will stick with that choice unless there are problems with their child’s education; and if there are problems, the school is not stellar for that family.

SECOND, there is no doubt some schools in our state have a poor education environment. Shouldn’t we care about students in all parts of the state and not just the ones in our district, just as we should care about all parts of the state when it comes to such things as good roads, clean water, safety and effective law enforcement, etc. Readers, would you call the Fayetteville School District stellar even with its programs sexualizing minors, particularly with transgender indoctrination while keeping parents in the dark? What about those children? Should families living in that district be stuck with that?

THIRD, has the school board of your government school passed a policy to prohibit the racist Critical Race Theory, or a policy to prohibit the sexualization of children with explicit sexual materials, or a policy to prohibit the transgender indoctrination of minors by the school? Without such policies leftwing teachers within your school are free to teach your children that everyone from one race is an oppressor and should feel shame and another race is always the victim. And, they are free to teach your first grader about drag queens, transgender identification, sex change operations, etc. If your school board has failed to adopt such policies, then frankly we don’t think your school is as stellar as you might think.

FOURTH, government school is a “one size fits all” solution that doesn’t work for many families or in all school districts. Many families are stuck because they do not have the money to move to a different district, pay for a private school, or keep a parent in the home to homeschool. Are you okay with families being stuck in a school and having no choice no matter how bad the learning environment is for a child?

FIFTH, CONDUIT is in good company in supporting school choice. As we pointed out in our last article, the Republican Party of Arkansas in its platform supports school choice for all families. Republican officeholders who oppose school choice are in an awkward position.

SIXTH, school choice is not an issue just in Arkansas. Parents across the country are demanding the ability to exercise school choice. Arizona is a state that recently passed such legislation.

When every family has school choice options regardless of income then, and only then, will education in Arkansas be STELLAR.

Spread the word. Quit listening to the scare tactics of superintendents who cozy up to the left. It is time to pass school choice legislation for ALL families with children.

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