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Big Win for Arizona Families and School Choice

The Arizona legislature passed the best school choice law in the nation. Arizona families are now able to choose any school for their school children and state tax dollars will follow their child to that school. It is known as Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA).

The left tried to stop the implementation of the new law through a referendum petition to put the law on hold until after a state election on whether to approve or disapprove the new law.  The left did not find much support for blocking the law among Arizona voters and fell well short of the number of signatures needed to put it on the ballot. This is great news for Arizona families and their children because the school choice law can now be implemented.[i]

If Arizona can pass a sweeping school choice law with only a bare Republican majority in their legislature, what is holding back Arkansas where the Arkansas Senate and House of Representatives both have a Republican super majority?

Tell your State Senator and Representative to support real school choice for every family regardless of income.


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