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Can’t Hide His Disdain For Legislature

After hearing Governor Asa Hutchinson’s air of superiority and contempt for the legislature in an interview, we wrote the following article. It was ready to be published and then we decided to not to pursue it because … perhaps the subject was not significant enough and no one would get it. Then, we saw a Facebook post by Senator Alan Clark who had a similar reaction to Asa’s words. That convinced us the subject is important and people do get it, certainly Arkansas legislators get it. Here is our article followed by the excellent post of Senator Clark.

Governor Asa Hutchinson appeared on the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News to try to explain why he vetoed HB1570 which bans the practice of subjecting children to gender-reassignment surgeries and puberty blocking procedures. The legislature easily overrode Asa’s veto.

In making his arguments for vetoing the bill, Governor Hutchinson insinuated he is much smarter and more diligent in considering all sides of an issue than the Representatives and Senators of the Arkansas legislature. This seems to be the same attitude he displayed toward the legislature as he refused requests from legislators to be included in the decision-making process on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here is what Asa said on Tucker Carlson concerning the legislature.

Asa: These are difficult decisions. Do you want to listen to the medical profession? Do you want to listen to professional counselors? Do you want to listen to parents or do you want to leave all these decisions to the legislators that come from all different kinds of backgrounds? Yes they’re elected to represent you but they do not necessarily make the right judgments for parents and for doctors in the most sensitive issues.

He could have said something like “I came to a different conclusion than the legislature.” At one time or the other everyone has come to a different conclusion on whether a bill that passed or didn’t pass was good or not.

But what he said was insulting, “Do you want to leave all these decisions to the legislators that come from all different kinds of backgrounds?

The attitude shown in his statement reminds us of Wilie E. Coyote repeating over and over “Wilie E. Coyote Super Genius” right before the train hits. Tucker Carlson was Asa’s train on Tuesday night.

Remember Asa’s attitude when he favors candidates in the primary election … and then vote for the other one!!!





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