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Common Ground–Can’t we just all get along?

Common Ground–Can’t we just all get along?

By Joe Maynard

We are beginning to see yet another assault on freedoms from those who seek to retain or capture more power through government force but cannot sell the message and the related policy to the conservative movement.

As the conservative movement gains traction and those who claimed the related principles see the writing on the wall, an attempt to hold or gain power is emerging in the form of a “moderate” movement.  Others who clearly desire a post-modern Marxist world order in which big businesses and government merge to form the ruling class also view this as an opportunity to thwart the growing conservatives and populist efforts.  Splitting the Republican and conservative Christian vote in order to facilitate various careers in power seems to be the primary objective since these groups no longer simply follow the rhetoric of current leadership but actually become aware and educated on the reality of the results provided by these Rino types.

Getting along seems like a workable strategy and appears attractive to many.  Who is not disappointed in the polarization of our discourse today?  Who is not tired of the toxic environment and politicization of almost every action or issue?  There are many if not most who are desperately seeking an end to the pain our daily barrage of controversy and clear disinformation wars that rage in almost every media outlet are inflicting on us and our neighbors.  Families are often in turmoil; we find ourselves in multiple factions that refuse to give ground and only seek to marginalize or even demonize each other.

But beware the fruits of compromise espoused by these “common ground” and “moderate” types.  They are but another arm of the totalitarian leftist that wish another avenue for further erosion of our country’s founding principles as we know them.  Their goal is to remain relevant and in power and have no anchor to absolute principles and truths.  Using the Republican party’s foundations to gain prominence and office, they can no longer mask their true motivations and reconcile them with the core party members and the party principles as evidenced by votes over many years.  What they must do now to retain power is to moderate into a position that actually undermines or is in opposition to those values which were used to gain that trust and power in the first place.

All of us prefer to get along and most can see a freedom path to get there. The alternatives being proposed by the common ground proponents of late are surrender tactics designed to masquerade as common sense.  It is nothing approaching this.  It is an admission of their unanchored quest for control by any means.  Remember, these are the people who have told us to never attack our own, until it serves their needs.  Others are benefactors of previous generations’ competitive success in the free markets that wish to have their progressive policies perpetuated and perpetrated on the rest of us as they live and thrive off previous generations’ work.  Still others are dependent on sustaining status quo government as a means of success or survival.  Why wouldn’t these types want to all just “get along”?  It is working for them.  They cannot win the battle of ideas, so why not try to sell common ground to the fatigued electorate as a way to help stop the pain inflicted daily by continuing the fight for our liberty.

Don’t be fooled by the virtue signaling, self-serving calls for unity (unity under “my” control and terms).  That is the opposite of what they really want.  They want an obedient population that chooses to avoid the battlefield of ideas in order to end the conflict they themselves create and then propose their government will find the answers.  This answer sounds good; but rest assured, the “common ground” movement in Arkansas is the progressive, government-big business control of all solutions, not more freedom for individuals.  Go sell that in Venezuela!

Stand for something or fall for anything.


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