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Please Vote FOR HJR1010 and HB1473

Thank you, Rep. Joe Cloud, for filing yesterday HJR1010 and HB1473 which stand up for the values held dear by the people of Pope County.  Both filings attempt to remove Pope County as a casino location presently under Arkansas Constitutional Amendment 100.

HJR1010 is a House joint resolution seeking to amend the Arkansas Constitution by referring the vote to the people of Arkansas in the general election November 2022.  Only three such referred joint resolutions are allowed by the House and Senate each General Session.  If this joint resolution fails to get one of the three spots, then the second filing, HB1473, would be an attempt to immediately amend the Constitution through a 2/3’s vote of both the House and the Senate.  Both attempts will be a challenge, but according to an overwhelming number of voters in Pope County, there are principles involved worth the fight.  We are appreciative Rep. Cloud is continuing to listen to and stand up for his constituents against the enormous casino special interests.

This is a call to all voters across the state:  Please ask your legislator to support these filings.  West Memphis, Hot Springs, and Pine Bluff are delighted to have these new casino interests.  And we are happy for them.  That is not the case in the Russellville/Pope County area.  Your county could be next…

River Valley State Legislators:

Sen. Breanne Davis (

Rep. Stan Berry (

Rep. Mary Bentley (

Rep. Aaron Pilkington (

Rep. Jon Eubanks (

Rep. Rick Beck (

Sen. Gary Stubblefield (

Sen. Mark Johnson (

State-wide Legislator Contacts:

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