Gov. Asa Hutchinson has announced that highway funding will be a priority in 2019. However, Hutchinson has yet to endorse a plan to do so.

Legislators will return to session in January, and Hutchinson who was re-elected Governor last week stated on Tuesday that highway funding will be a priority during the session.

To move forward, Hutchinson also stated that highway funding would require a consensus among legislators and public interest groups.

Previously, officials have stated that the highway system would need $478 million in additional funding per year.

Last year, legislators did not pass a proposal which would have presented voters with a ballot measure to raise $200 million annually for highway funding through a 20-year bond issue. Legislators did not pass the proposal following the failure of an accompanying bill to raise the gas tax to pay for the bonds. In February, the Highway Commission decided against working to place a separate highway funding plan on November’s ballot.


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