Arkansans who carry medical marijuana cards will be barred from purchasing firearms legally from a federally licensed gun dealer. 6,428 Arkansans have been approved for medical marijuana cards.

This stems from federal law which still labels marijuana as a banned controlled substance.

Medical marijuana users have limited gun rights under federal law but it still remains a question as to how the federal statute will be enforced.

As reported by Talk Business & Politics, State Rep. Doug House stated that the state has little power in regards to the federal statute.

“If a client asked me, a lawyer, I would say never carry if you have a card,” stated State Rep. Doug House “I would also have them write a note ‘gifting’ my guns to my spouse so there would be a weapon in the home, especially out here where I live and it can take 45 minutes for the sheriff to arrive.”

House was responsible for sponsoring a large portion of the marijuana legislation passed in the 2017 Arkansas legislative session.


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