Preferred Family Healthcare of Springfield, Missouri, three of its subsidiaries and company officials are being sued for the return of Arkansas tax dollars. Preferred Family Healthcare is entrenched in the federal corruption investigation.

The lawsuit was filed by Jim Parsons in Benton County on Tuesday, November 27. The lawsuit outlines Preferred Family Healthcare has received $53 million in Arkansas tax dollars in just five years.

In connection to the bribery of at least three Arkansas legislators, four former executives of Preferred Family Healthcare have pleaded guilty to conspiracy. Preferred Family Healthcare no longer receives Medicaid payments from Arkansas. In addition, Preferred Family Healthcare’s Arkansas clinics have been sold.


One thought on “Missouri Health Firm Sued For Arkansas Tax Money

  • November 28, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    This probably just the tip of the iceberg. Arkansas’ governor seems to prefer to cover up a lot of places that get money and no one is investigating how much of out taxpayer contributions are wasted. A few years ago, I wrote an FOIA requesting an accounting for all expenditures for non-citizens paid for from Arkansas Tax dollars. When they turned down my FOIA I tried to raise funding to cover the legal expenses and could only raise 4% of what we needed so I returned what we received to those who contributed. SAD.


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