The Fort Smith residents will be participating in a special election to vote on a tax increase for museum funding. The US Marshals Museum is apart of the redevelopment of downtown Fort Smith.

The museum in Fort Smith will pay tribute to the history of US Marshals. Fort Smith has a unique relationship with the Marshals as more Marshals died on the Fort Smith frontier than any other location.

The museum will receive no federal funding. Initially, many of the public was led to believe that the project would be funded almost entirely by private benefactors inclusive of foundations, businesses, and individual donors. Now, the Fort Smith residents are being presented a ballot to vote on a tax increase to fund the museum.

Robbie Wilson appeared on Conduit News Radio to discuss the tax increase. Listen below to learn more about the tax increase.


One thought on “Fort Smith to Vote on Tax Increase for US Marshals Museum

  • January 28, 2019 at 5:23 pm

    Fort Smith City Fathers don’t know how to run a museum which is why they shouldn’t be running it at taxpayer’s expense. Instead, they let the project be crowd-funded if it is to be set-up. There are ways to make this project cash-flow positive unless running it with government employees. The reason is simple. They do not have entrepreneurial skills.


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