In November of 2016 while riding a scooter in Washington Co. Arkansas, David Gutierrez and Hailey King were struck by a truck traveling 70mph in a 35mph zone.  The driver was an illegal alien.  King died as a result and Gutierrez, who was dragged 2000 feet, lost both his legs. The illegal alien fled the scene and did not call for help as Gutierrez lied helpless and in shock. The illegal alien was later convicted of manslaughter and may serve only around 18 months in prison before possible parole.

Following the tragedy, Hailey King’s mother, Katherine Hall, has been raising awareness to the apparent problems in the United States judicial system concerning its prosecution of illegal aliens who commit crimes.

This morning on Conduit News Radio, Paul Harrell interviewed Katherine Hall, David Gutierrez, and former State Senator Linda Collins, about the incident and what can be done in the future to prevent this blight from effecting other Americans and their families. This was Gutierrez’s first interview since the horror of that day in 2016.

For more details watch the interview below.


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