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What Does It Mean When Gov. Hutchinson Endorses A Candidate?

What does it mean when Governor Asa Hutchinson endorses a candidate in the Republican Primary?  It means the candidate is the least conservative candidate in the race.

That is not a guess; it is based on Hutchinson’s clear track record of  working against conservative Republicans and supporting Republican candidates more willing to vote like a Democrat.

ASA’S TRACK RECORD: Supporting least conservative candidate in Republican Primaries

  • In 2016, Hutchinson tried to defeat perhaps the most conservative Republican in the Arkansas House of Representatives, Representative Josh Miller. The Governor endorsed and financially supported an opponent, but Representative Miller won the primary anyway.
  • In 2018, Hutchinson was successful in defeating the two most conservative state Senators, Bryan King and Linda Collins. The Governor successfully supported primary opponents for both of these conservatives.
  • In 2020, Governor Hutchinson is at it again. This time instead of trying to defeat a conservative, he is trying to keep a left-leaning politician in office. One of the Governor’s priorities is to reelect Senator John Cooper, who is Hutchinson’s ally in passing big government and liberal policies.  Challenging Cooper is Representative Dan Sullivan who has raised Hutchinson’s ire because Sullivan stands for the Republican platform and principles, instead of going along with Hutchinson’s schemes.


Before we list some of their left-leaning issues, we need to acknowledge that all Arkansas Republicans … even RINOS vote Pro-Life. After that, there is a big difference between the politicians who vote conservative and those who just run as a conservative.

Increasing taxes: Senator Cooper supported Governor Hutchinson’s plan to pass more tax increases than tax relief in 2019 which resulted in the overall tax burden in Arkansas going up. And, that doesn’t even count a one-half percent (0.50%) sales tax the Governor talked Cooper into helping put on the November ballot.[i]

Blind Eyes To Corruption. Governor Hutchinson never proposed an ethics plan despite his nephew, Senator Jeremy Hutchinson, and other allies pleading guilty or being found guilty of public corruption.  Governor Hutchinson never supported important ethics legislation that could have put the spotlight on his, now felon, nephew. Senator John Cooper helped stop those ethics bills. One bill would have prohibited legislators who are lawyers or consultants from representing clients in legislative matters. Obviously, that restriction makes sense, but Senator Cooper voted “NO” and helped kill the bill.[ii] The other bill would have required Medicaid providers such as hospitals and nursing homes to disclose business dealings with legislators and other public officials. It would helped curb shady business deals used to gain the support of public officials, but Senator Cooper voted “NO.”[iii]

Supporting The Gun Grabbers: Both Governor Hutchinson and Senator Cooper claim to support your Second Amendment Rights. But, both men made sure to pose for pictures with Mom’s Demand Action, a radical gun grabbing organization funded by George Soros. Senator Cooper received an “F” rating from the NRA.

Obamacare: Cooper got elected campaigning against Obamacare Medicaid expansion, but he quickly flipped and helped Governor Hutchinson keep the big government program.[iv]  Called “Arkansas Works” the Obamacare program has nothing to do with work. Nor is the program about the elderly, children, or disabled. Instead, it primarily covers able bodied working age adults who do not work. Our disabled citizens had a hard time competing for needed funding while so much money is being spent on those who do not work.

Note: To keep the program going, Hutchinson had the legislature pass sham work requirements.  Even if the requirement had been upheld, a person could stay on the roles indefinitely without ever working.  Many observers said the legislation would never work because it was a clear violation of the Medicaid law and would never pass muster, and sure enough, just as expected, the rules were struck down by a US District Court and US Court of Appeals. It appears the legislation was only intended to let Hutchinson to pretend to be conservative while protecting Obama’s liberal big government program without work requirements.


There is a great incentive for legislators to forget the conservative principles of the Republican party and instead follow Hutchinson. If you play ball with Governor Hutchinson, you are guaranteed a big campaign war chest from Asa’s friends who want to keep getting a slice of state government pie.

And if you fall in line, Asa might even give you a high paying state position like he did for several legislator-allies.


We commend those legislators who refuse to turn their back on conservative principals despite knowing Asa will do his best to get rid of them —  conservatives like Representative Dan Sullivan, Representative Josh Miller, former Senators Bryan King, and former Senator Linda Collins.





[iv] and


  1. We worked hard to get Curtis Coleman and Jan Morgan elected. They are both conservative and ran against Asa, but his influence was to much and they couldn’t beat him. Now he has 2 years left to do more damage. Josh Miller and John Payton are my Representatives. They are both doing a great job.

  2. I worked hard knocking doors and contributing to John Cooper’s campaign for the first time Senator’s seat but I have been disappointed
    in his actions. I just voted today and I did not vote for John Cooper. I voted for Dan Sullivan. I believe Sullivan is the better man for the

  3. I won’t support any one that that liberal man supports he’s a DEMOCRAT who ran for office as a REPUBLICAN.

  4. Thank you for the informative info. I certainly new our Gov. was not the Conservative he proclaimed to be and now I’ll let my family know, so they can make a better decision next election.

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