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Hunter Biden text to his sister

Hunter Biden has been used as a pawn to funnel in funds for the Biden family for 30 years, per his text message to a family member. The recent release of a small portion of incriminating evidence by the New York Post from Hunter’s hard drive is a bombshell at the very least. The evidence includes proof of corruption with other countries, proof that Joe Biden knew, was involved, and received money, drug use, a sex tape that could involve a minor, and child pornography.


The e-mails and the information they provide have been corroborated by one ex-business partner of Hunter Biden along with 26,000 new e-mails, and no one in the Joe Biden camp has said they are inauthentic. One theory they are trying to push is that this is Russian collusion. It has already been proven that there is no evidence that supports this theory of Russian interference. The e-mails provide proof that Hunter Biden is being paid by various entities in China; it proves Joe Biden knew about Burisma before it happened; it claims Joe gets half of everything Hunter makes; and it proves extreme corruption and a national security risk brought to us by the Biden family.


Twitter and Facebook immediately started shutting down accounts or suspending them under the stipulation that the New York Post article be deleted from their pages. They suspended the New York Post’s account, Kayleigh McEnany, Team Trump official campaign page, and many others. This is proving to be a huge mistake by the social media giants. Republicans have already filed suits against Twitter and Facebook for this uncalled for censorship. Twitter claimed that it took such action because the story violated its policies around how hacked materials are shared. The information is not hacked; but even if it was, this excuse is just that. They never blocked or suspended the Russian collusion lies against the Trumps; they never suspended accounts for WikiLeaks, which was in fact hacked material; and they never suspend or delete the left’s accounts for any reason.


Now that we have more evidence of payoffs, the bigger question and the question everyone should be asking is, “What is the reason these countries are paying millions to the Biden’s?” “What deeds are they expecting from the Biden’s?”  “What are the American people unwillingly sacrificing so the Biden’s can fill their pockets?”  We need answers to this before the election. Unfortunately, this information comes a little too late. Early voting and mail-in voting has been underway in a lot of states.  Arkansas early voting starts today along with many other states.

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