The Final Countdown

Tonight, is the final Presidential debate before one of the most important elections in history. The pressure is on for these candidates, not only to perform respectfully and win over undecided voters, but to get answers for the American people.

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The debate topics for this debate should be foreign policy, economy, health insurance, and all the normal political topics that would normally be brought up. Tonight, is different. The topics have been changed last minute and are to include COVID-19, race in America, National security, climate change, leadership, and American families. The topic of COVID-19 has been covered. Americans do not need to hear any of that again. Race in America has also been talked about at great length. What else could be said? National Security will go the same way. President Trump will talk about the wall, his many accomplishments with the military, getting us out of wars, not starting a new one, and more secure borders. Vice President Joe Biden will berate President Trump on children in cages at the border and pretend like his administration didn’t build the cages, how Mexico didn’t pay for the wall, and what a failure he thinks President Trump is. Biden will tell “his own version of the truth” like he always does. Climate change has been covered in great detail. Leadership is an extremely broad topic and will go exactly like all the others. The same can be said for American families.


The American people do not want to hear the same ole thing over and over.  They need answers to the big questions. President Trump needs to lay out his plan for the next four years and the things he wants to add to the list of his accomplishments.  Former Vice President Joe Biden needs to answer the big questions which he has avoided so far-thanks to the media.  All the pressure “should be” on Biden tonight. The American people deserve the truth about where he stands on court packing, fracking, taxes, and his family “foreign affairs.” Trump is sure to bring up Hunter Biden. Joe Biden needs to answer and with the truth, not just “Russia”, blame, and denial. Biden (and the media) claimed Tuesday that this is a smear campaign, but most of the US intelligence agencies have said that claim is false.   Likewise, voters need to know what is really going on with the Iran and Russia election meddling “against” President Trump. The American people want to see the “art of the deal” tonight. They want President Trump to diplomatically hold Biden’s feet to the fire and make Biden answer or get flustered and have a Freudian slip of the truth. If President Trump plays his cards right tonight, he could win over the few undecided voter’s to his favor.  President Trump needs to keep his cool, not interrupt but let Biden ramble into nonsense, and utilize his time to tell the American people the truth they will not hear from mainstream media. Democrats may not want to hear it.  And they may not believe it.  But if President Trump can keep his cool, people will have no choice but to listen and may even look further into the claims.


Both candidates should have a chance to redeem themselves from the last debate, which few on either side enjoyed.  The moderator, NBC’s Kristen Welker, is a Democrat and on Team Biden.  So Welker has decided to break with tradition and not discuss foreign relations. (After all, who wants to hear Trump’s long list of foreign relations accomplishments and his four Nobel Peace prize nominations.) The Commission on Presidential Debates just changed the rules for tonight so that each candidate should have a 2-minute opening statement while the opposing candidate’s microphone will be muted. Their microphones will not be muted after the opening statements for the 15-minute segments; but the possibility of muting, if things get out of control (according to the moderator), is still there.


Do not miss this historic debate tonight at 8:00 P.M. Central time!



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