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Habitability Bill, It’s a lose-lose!

State Representative Robin Lundstrum joined us in studio for an interview to express the negative impact that HB1563-“Habitability Bill” could have on landlords and renters. This bill grows government and would result in raising expenses for the landlord and the renter. House Bill HB1563 (“Habitability Bill”) will run in the House Insurance and Commerce Committee on March 10, 2021. HB1563 will have a huge, long term, impact on landlords and renters statewide. The Habitability Bill opens up new rules and regulations on landlords which increases operating expenses which will raise the cost of doing business and in the long run raise rents. It is premised on the idea that landlords to do not want good, safe property for their tenants. That is a very false and illogical assumption. What landlord wants to open himself or herself up to lawsuits for unsafe property? We do not need this bill to get out of Committee and reach the House floor. Please reach out to Committee members and ask them to STOP this bill!

HB1563-Click here to read.

Representative Lundstrum wanted to clarify that Opportunity Zones were passed in a bi-partisan effort Nationally to encourage people to invest in blighted or areas that had poor growth. Arkansas passed a bill to make the tax laws match so that investors would not suffer because Arkansas tax law did not mirror the federal. The good news is that more investment has occurred and that includes housing!


Habitability Bill Sponser:

State Representative Jimmy Gazaway (R):

Paragould and Greene County



Please send the committee members questions to ask during the committee meeting, include your name, phone number, how long you have been in business and tell your story.  So many landlords have been impacted by COVID-19 this year, many have not received rent and been taken advantage of and to now be hit with this is to add insult to injury.

The Habitability Bill is disastrous and has serious long term consequences to landlords, tenets, property values, banking and real estate.

Please help put a stop to it now and spread the word to friends you know in other parts of the state.  Above is the link to the bill.




Capitol Update: Thursday March 4th, 2021

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