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Video: Local Chiropractor Speaks Out After Being Arrested For Violating Mask Ordinance

This issue is bigger than masks, it's about not being told what to do by tyrants and dictators

A Northwest Arkansas chiropractor was arrested and taken away in handcuffs at the Fayetteville City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 7, after he refused to wear a mask, and he says it is time to take a stand and make your voices heard against tyrants and dictators.

James William “Bill” Smith, 40, of Prairie Grove was arrested in connection with criminal trespassing, but he also received a citation for violating the city’s mask ordinance. There were several citizens at the meeting not wearing masks, but it did not become an issue until City Council Member Kara Paxton said she was going to leave the room. Although most of the city council members joined the meeting by Zoom, they were still upset that people in the chamber were allowed to be unmasked, and Council Member Matthew Petty asked why the mandate was not being enforced. From then on, things quickly escalated. Once Smith refused to put on a mask, officers handcuffed and removed him from chambers.

Smith spoke with Conduit News about his arrest, and although people may see this as him violating a mask ordinance, this issue is much larger than masks. “It is about human rights and freedoms to choose, and not be discriminated against,” Smith says.

“This is a slippery slope down the wrong path.  I feel as a Christian, and as a father of seven children, I need to fight for my children’s rights to choose,” Smith says, “and not to be told by dictators in power at the highest level in our government down to the local government. Obviously last night, the mayor overstepped his bounds.”

Smith says it is time for Americans to take a stand, make your voices heard and not be told what to do by tyrants and Communist dictators.

Tell your state Representative and state Senator what you think about how these heroes (nurses, all medical staff, and those speaking out) are being treated.

Use this sample resolution to show support for healthcare freedom and choice. Click here.

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