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AR Secretary of State Will Not Require Vaccines or Covid Testing

Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston just announced that Secretary of State employees will not be required to take the COVID19 vaccine nor will they be required to show proof of negative COVID tests. This comes on the heels of Biden announcing a federal vaccine mandate. More conservative leaders are standing up to the abuse of power by this administration.

Read Thurston’s full statement:

Over the past 18 months, amid the COVID pandemic, my office has worked diligently to provide a safe environment for employees, legislators, and citizens who want to visit our State Capitol. Last week we saw, what I would consider being, massive federal overreach by the Biden administration in mandating vaccinations. This comes despite his statement in December that vaccines shouldn’t be mandated.

I am a strong believer in personal freedoms and that each individual has the right to their own health decisions. Therefore, I will not require Secretary of State employees to be vaccinated nor will I require proof of negative COVID tests. Citizens who wish to come to visit our beautiful State Capitol will also not be required to be vaccinated.

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