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URGENT: Help Us Protect Health Freedom and Choice in Arkansas

The Arkansas General Assembly is scheduled to reconvene on September 29 primarily to set the boundaries of Arkansas’ four congressional districts. A short one-issue session is not what many citizens are expecting. State Senators and Representatives have been hearing from constituents who want the legislature to address additional issues in the extended session, specifically COVID-19 related legislation.

Tuesday, September 21, the Washington County Republican Committee passed two resolutions — 1. to prevent employers from implementing COVID-19 vaccination mandates as a requirement for employment, and 2. requesting a Health Freedom Patients’ Bill of Rights. Read more about that here.

Now is the time to contact State Senators and Representatives and ask them to take this issue up immediately in session. Tell your representatives that you want them to do everything within their delegated authority to protect health freedom of its citizens by passing bills that reflect the intent of these resolutions and which stop breaches against the health freedoms belonging to Arkansans.

Gather support and take this to your legislators. Ask our State House and our State Senate to take IMMEDIATE ACTION and help Arkansans who are currently under the threat of losing their jobs because of their own personal convictions over their own health and body.

Challenge your State Senator and Representative, Quorum Court and City Council Members to stand up to the federal overreach of the Biden administration and stand strong for all Arkansans.


Download the Health Freedom Patients’ Bill of Rights:  Health Freedom Patients' Bill of Rights.docx (121 downloads)

Download the Resolution preventing Vaccine Mandates:  Resolution-Employer-Vax-Mandates.docx (94 downloads)


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